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Patch v1.1.0.5 für alle europäischen Versionen von Tycoon City: New York

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- The game used to get stuck when you took the "Time Square Project" and you destroyed a "City Deli", this is now fixed.
- The "Saved Games" list is now properly sorted in the patch version.
- A minor vehicle bug that caused cars to stop half way through an intersection as been fixed.
- A problem with the mouse controls when placing a building when the building menu was on top of the where you wanted to build, which has now been fixed.
- Loading times have been improved and stabilized.
- The camera going to the wrong location when choosing accommodations on the MyBuisness panel, has been fixed.
- There was a logical gameplay error when destroying a theatre in Harlem, this has also been fixed
- The appearance of the default texture has been fixed in a number of areas of the game
- A text error in the Male Stockbrokers information window is now fixed.
- Audio of Luco used to overlap when in 4x time mode, is now fixed.
- The wrong information was displayed in some news reports has been fixed
- The "Times Square" opportunity not appearing on the opportunity list is now fixed.
- The information about the Virgin Megastore shop is now correct.
- There are many optimizations and improvements including a large number of smaller bugs and glitches.


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