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Patch v2.40 für die deutsche Version von Take Command: 2nd Manassas

This patch fixes the hideous error on the German version that makes the text unreadable on some video cards. We apologize to all German purchasers for this bug. I hope that this will not keep you from enjoying our games. We want to extend a large amount of thanks to Mario Derwand who worked very closely with us to make sure that the German version was fixed. We also want to thank David Hawken for proving to us that there actually was an artillery capture bug.

Here's the list of fixes:

1. Jackson sprite in Gibbon scenario was replaced with proper Jackson specific sprite.
2. Fixed bug in German version where the text color was transparent. If you still have this problem, make sure that you have the latest version of DirectX 9C installed.
3. Fixed an error where you could not specify which type of ammunition for your artillery to use.
4. Fixed the English Version of the Division Tutorial, sometime the units would not react based on the player's actions.
5. Fixed the English Bug where the game would hang if you chose a grayed out carryover scenario on the battles screen and then hit the check mark.
6. Added early win conditions to the scenarios so that you don't have to wait around if you've beaten the scenario early.
7. Fixed a bug where the Cavalry Brigade Officer marched slower than the rest of his regiment.
8. Fixed a bug where arty could not be captured if all of the Division's Arty Officers were detached.
9. Fixed typo in OOB's. Augur is listed as CO of 2nd Div (II Corps, AoV) in units.csv but shows up as CO 3rd Division in game.
10. Removed some csv files from the scenario mmg files. This will allow more modifications to make their way into our stock scenarios accessed through the Battles screens. Your toolbar, sound, and sprites modifications will now be present in our scenarios.
11. Switch 28th Mass to use Irish Flag.
12. Added 2nd Florida to the 2nd Manassas Open Play OOB.

We also threw in the ability to change resolution, it's not perfect, so we don't officially support it. But since we could do it and people wanted it, there was no reason not to have it.


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