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Patch für die Flugsimulation Falcon 4: Allied Force auf v1.06.


- Fixed a bug that sometimes caused On-call CAS AI flights to attack targets before attempting to check in with FAC.
- On-call CAS flights now request targets from the FAC after two minutes instead of four if unassigned.
- Fixed TARCAP flights continuing to press on aircraft like An-124 even after it has been identified.
- AI now able to use afterburner power for a short time after Rejoin command is received.
- Mid-air refuelling rewritten. Tanker now maintains correct speed and altitude.
- Many changes to AI refuelling and multiplayer-specific code.


- Fixed HSD showing wingmen in Dogfight after they have been destroyed.
- Fixed static ground vehicles not showing up in GM radar mode.
- ALOW and MSLFloor warnings are now played whether the HUD is visible on screen or not.
- Fixed TGP going into POINT lock immediately upon first designation.
- Fixed Com1 and Com2 Volume knobs to work again.
- Fixed TACAN station bearing indicator on HSI to not display bearing if the station can not be received.
- Fixed PL-5E seeker range to be shorter.
- Fixed bug where contacting an airbase other then the landing one was impossible in certain situations.
- Various fixes/improvements to A-A Weapon handling:
o Each Mastermode remembers which weapon type has been selected (AIM-9M/P etc) and will set the weapon again when the mode is reselected at a later point.
o All A-A Radarmodes are available from all A-A Mastermodes. Dogfight Override mode, for example, can have RWS as selected radar mode, and Missile Override can use the ACM modes.
o Each Mastermode remembers its gun submode.
o AIM-9M and AIM-9X can be switched properly if in the same loadout.
- The Mastermodes will no longer have the radar turned on when selecting another weapon by either the Enter key or the OSB buttons. The radar only starts emitting when a mode is selected.
- Fixed gun rounds counter sometimes showing zero when there were still bullets left.
- Fixed bug where a target could not be locked to STT mode in TWS mode when the azimuth scan was set to something other then 60 degrees.
- Fixed bug where stealthy vehicles like F-117A were not even lockable using IR sensors even at closest ranges.
- Frame-rate improvement to HSD display.
- Fix bug where designating/undesignating with the HSD as SOI and the cursor over a pre-planned threat did not toggle it's range-ring.
- Fix the new CBU burst altitude value not being shown in the MFD when pressing the decrement burst altitude keystroke.
- When changing target in simplified radar, set padlock target to the new target.


- Fixed all 05/23 airbase tower voice calls to wrong runway.
- Added many more "Vehicle position points" and "ship points" to airbases, ports, army-base, HARTs etc.
- Fixed position of building at Wonsan airbase type.
- Added R-77M and AGM-65E/K missile types.
- Updated radar data for few aircraft and seekers (F/A-18, F-22, R-77).
- Fixed missing bridge feature on one bridge objective type.
- Lowered Kirov ship damage amounts.
- Updated some 2D weapon ranges.
- Vehicles (ground, aircraft and ships) will fire closer to real-life ranges in 2D now.
- Adjusted weapons positioning on Tornado fuselage racks.
- Added Brimstone and rack back to Typhoon in 2005 and 2010 theaters.
- Fixed rocket pylons so they now show in loadout and in game under wings.
- Changed CBU-97 hardpoint count to be the same as CBU-87. (Standard loadout 4xCBU and two fuel tanks).
- Updated AWACS screen icon symbols for more objects to be shown.
- Removed CAS roles from UH-60L.
- Updated SA-3 so it will now fire more than one missile in the air per volley. Also adjustments to range being too short and loft angle too high .
- Allow night missions for AH-1, C-130 and few other airlift aircraft.
- Adjusted JSTAR patrol waypoints so they have approximately up to 50nm of ground coverage of enemy side.
- Objective feature value lists prioritized better.
- Removed FA-37 from TE list as it was a testbed only.
- Lower large ammo dump damage value for high-explosive types so two 2000lb bombs can destroy it.


- Updated stores for some squadrons in campaigns.
- Some ROK infantry changed to correct unit type in Korean campaign.
- EF/A-18G added to all 2010 campaigns.
- Mission times tasked according to threat/range (fewer deep strikes in first hours of campaign that just abort).
- Changing the takeoff waypoint time sometimes resulted in the flight not getting pilots assigned. Fixed for single and multiplayer.
- In Tactical Engagement, naval units can now be set as victory conditions and in Campaign they can be a target now for self-created missions.
- Saving a Tactical Engagement file now resets the "TE won" situation so new successive missions and victory conditions can be added as an ongoing "mini-campaign".
- Prevent AWACS from setting up waypoints that lead them flying too close to the FLOT.


- Fixed RWR position in all three 2D 1600x1200 resolution cockpits in wide-view, one click down.
- Speed up of drawing 2D cockpit views without visable outside view.
- Improved instruments in padlock situational awareness bar.
- Adjusted RWR position in all 3D cockpit views.
- Support for all available resolutions and aspects greater than 800x600. Since 2D cockpit is of 4:3 aspect ratio, on wide screens there will be black bars on the sides. All pure 3D views and outside views are full screen.
- Fixed fontsize of HUD and DED data in wideview in 1024x768 res 2D cockpit of the MLU.
- Increased down-tilt limit in 3D cockpit so we can see the whole MFD when looking closer.


- Added the ability for emergency braking. In case the Hydraulic B system fails (flameout or damage), the pilot can still use his brakes for 15 seconds to stop the Jet on the runway.
- If the plane has blown up with a comms window on the screen, ESC will still work to close the window so the simulation can be exited.
- If Joystick button 0 or 1 is pushed, but no function is assigned to them, do not fire the gun/ pickle weapons.
- Retain controllability of ACMI on/off even when shot down for documentation purposes. Now, ACMI is not turned off automatically when the plane gets destroyed.
- Fixed bug where a newly created .key file could not be loaded properly without exiting and re-entering the sim.
- Help with frame rates at airbases.
- Elimination of general graphic jitter (eg when refuelling, taxiing or viewing from tower cam).
- Reduced on-ground aircraft pitch during braking.
- Complex aircraft code now supports models containing rotatable wheels and swing-wing DOF's.
- In Dogfight mode, colored padlock boxes are back in Realistic padlock setting.
- Fixed shared memory electrical fault bit when on ground and shutting power off.
- Moved labels up so they don't obscure objects.
- Dynamically scale label offset based on object radius and distance.
- Don't show opposite (wrong) tanker lights when in extreme relative position to tanker.


- Added power detection for notebooks that warns when battery is low both in 3D and the User Interface.
- Added support for DED display on Logitech G15 keyboard LCD.
- Fix for missing cursor, buttons and lights issues on nVidia graphics devices at resolutions greater than 1024x768 and FSAA enabled.


- Fixed texture on flaps of F/A-18D.
- Added texture to F/A-18E.
- Adjust LOD of the building "Hotel" at some airbases so it does not "pop up" visually.
- Fixed many buildings with missing parts (walls, roof, etc).
- Fixed texture issue on Wonsan airbase type, center runway.
- Fixed many fuel tanks not shown textured (they are used on J-22, F-5E/A, Su-7BK, Su-39, MiG-23, Su-24, Su-25, AMX, Typhoon).
- Fixed AMX texture issues on nose.
- Added Challenger tank texture green and desert cammoes.
- Most F16's and some other aircraft models edited for wheel rotation.
- Some aircraft models edited to rotate engine fan blades.
- Added texture to F-22A made by Dave "The Shova" Vogel submitted through TPAA.


- Fixed IR weapons losing lock on ground vehicles when being fired at distances greater 8nm and moving away from target, especially in Multiplayer.
- Fuel dump is disabled for online dogfights.
- When "No Player Voice" is turned on in the Sound Setup user interface, Flight comms of other human pilots, for example to AWACS, are still audible.
- Master Arm switch now defaults to SAFE when a player enters an aircraft on the server (previously it would be SAFE on clients, and ARM on server).
- Aircraft canopy open/close state now correctly shown in a multiplayer environment.
- Make sure the location of the bullseye is the same for all connected sessions.
- ACMI's now record and play back orientation of non-local missiles correctly.
- Connection state fix.
- Clients are now able to order flights to RTB.
- Fixed several issues where deleting flights or a package through the ATO list was not correctly working in Multiplayer.
- Packages containing a flight with a remote human player can not be deleted anymore.


- Fix specific sounds sometimes not being played, like missile launch sound.
- De-hissed some sounds.
- New in-cockpit engine sound.


- CTD Fixes including dogfight module and dedicated server stability increased.


- Added a "Clear" button to the key assignment dialog.
- Fixed a bug where only pressing a DirectX Joystick button would clear the keystroke assigned to a function.
- A keystroke and joystick button press at the same time in key assignment dialog are now properly saved.
- Fixed some abbreviation mistakes.
- Fixed E-2 ATO icon so that it is centered.
- Added cockpit switcher to Graphics setup menu.
- Changed color of user interface bullseye view to make it better visible.
- Fixed misaligned Briefing print-out.
- Now sorting some more list-boxes alphabetically.
- Resizing of splash screens to fit full screen.
- When joining a flight using the UI map popup menu "Join Flight" option, the Munitions screen is now correctly showing the new flight's loadout.
- Removed 'Keep' button from MP UI Connection screen.
- Added Mipmapping option in Graphics Setup section for terrain and 3D models, to reduce shimmering.
- Some updated to Tacref.


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