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Patch für die deutsche Version von Emergency 4 auf v1.2

- Problems with multimonitor configurations
- fixed bug where you could not heal squads when no injured person was in the map
- fixed standard command on roadblocks
- fixed crash in editor when editing childs of openhouses
- the train in freeplay/multiplayer won't have a car defect anymore
- fixed flash effect in freeplay/multiplayer
- fixed upgrades in campaign mode after loading
- you can no longer toggle blue lights of other players in multiplayer
- fixed display of inhouse fire, when inhouse fires are not active
- fixed equipment door on SW
- fixed bug in GameObject::RemoveEquipment, that caused crash in m19
- options get saved on click on ok
- fixed steering wheels of cars on pathes
- fixed possible crash in demonstration event
- if client disconnects from game, his remaining squads will get distributed in a more appropriate way
- event gasexplosion and cigarette should't fail immediately anymore
- running multiplayer games will no longer disappear from the serverlist after about 20-35 minutes
- small fixes in serverbrowser display
- if client was in mainmenu while server closed the match, the client couldn't click "continue game"
- sound of decontamination didn't stop in multiplayer
- Small camera bounces near basement garage in MULTIPLAYER-MAP and subway-stairs in FREEPLAY-MAP
- fixed incorrect street-paths, which caused routefinder-problems in MULTIPLAYER-MAP and M03-MAP
- fixed some children and boundingboxes in MULTIPLAYER-MAP
- fixed missing barricade-objects on some walls in FREEPLAY-MAP
- fixed flying diver in FREEPLAY-MAP
- Oilrigcontainer wasn't coolable in CAMPAIGN-MAP and FREEPLAY-MAP
- Miningtruck-explosion wasn't visible in M07-MAP
- Building near bank sometimes wasn't extinguishable in M09-MAP
- fixed flying stone in M13-MAP
- fixed walking diver on water in M13-MAP
- fixed door-animations for vehicles TLF, MTW and LPF
- DLK and LPF were carryable by RL
- FgrT wasn't coolable
- optimized liquids in MULTIPLAYER-MAP and CAMPAIGN-MAP
- Feature / Shortcut added: NUMPAD-"0" -> Send selected vehicles back to base (HQ-button)
- Feature / Shortcut added: "E" or "DELETE"/"ENTF" -> Hold down this key to select an alternative Action for selected Unit/Vehicle and press the right mouse button (Priority-Key). E.g. "land helicopters" or "enter vehicle"


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