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Galactic Civilizations Patch 1.11

Here is what is new in Galactic Civilizations v1.11 over 1.1:

  • New AI option - allow AI to use more CPU. Not used yet but will be in future builds.
  • Civ homeworlds are set when loading a saved game.
  • AI (some of them) less reactionary to influence concerns (i.e. won't likely build as many embassies)
  • AI pickier about trading weapons techs
  • AI sensitive to player going for tech victory
  • AI designs ships more often (this will be further refined in the future)
  • Some text string changes
  • Double clicking on a a ship in the stacked ships list will now open the planet screen
  • Can no longer steal techs that belong to a different ethical alignment
  • Re-designed the save and load game systems to be much faster and use a lot less memory (only works on NEW games)
  • Strategic view updates better on loading a saved game
  • Players can now sort by social production on Civ manager
  • Confirmation dialog added on retire option
  • Fixed bug where movement points in a fleet get miscalculated after the battle
  • Tweaks to CalcMilitaryMight to be a better judge of what a strong military really is
  • Civ Abilities recalculated quicker so that various trades and such have a more immediate effect.
  • Research screen remembers what sort list you chose
  • Victory Status tells player how many civs they've conquered
  • Lots of small tweaks and performance enhancements.
  • Neutrality Learning Centers will automatically take over (upgrade from) Research Academies
  • Some research oriented techs are more expensive

The main goal of this build is to resolve the memory issues that some people had with 1.1.  The main cause of the memory issue was due to our heavy use of caching which could result in a LOT of memory being used. For people who had enough memory, life was good. But for people who ran out, it was bad. This build should have the performance advantages of 1.1 but use far less memory.

While you can use previously saved games, we recommend starting with new games so that you get the most out of it.  I also made some tweaks to the computer AI.


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