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Deutsches SDK (Software Development Kit) für Take Command: 2nd Manassas

Here's a list of some features:

1. Contains all of the source files to all of our scenarios. Our source files are very easily readable .csv files. No programming skill is necessary.
2. Allows you to change almost any aspect of the game, you could make it look like a completely different game if you wanted to. You can add your own uniforms, toolbar, scenarios, formations, explosions, artwork, weapon types, fonts, skill levels, sounds, names, mod yourself into the scenarios, screens, and change aspects of the game that affect all scenarios.
3. WarPack tool will compress a scenario folder into an easily distributable .mmg file so that you can share your work.
4. WarEdit tool will allow you to edit our .csv files in case you do not have your own spreadsheet program.
5. We are releasing .jpg files of all of our maps.
6. A Developer's Guide (almost 100 pages, but English only).
7. Our master 2nd Manassas OOB .xls file
8. A sample .xls template for creating OOB's
9. blank templates of all of our main scenario .csv files.


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