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Winamp 5.23

  • Improved: [gen_jumpex] jump-to-file speed improvements
  • Fixed: playlist saving with network share files
  • Fixed: Media Library preferences not loading in correct order
  • Fixed: main window not hilited when restoring from minimized state in classic skin.
  • Fixed: slow loading of playlists with URLs
  • Fixed: CD burning using third party input plugins
  • Fixed: [gen_ff] Wasabi XML font-related fixes from Martin Poehlmann
  • Fixed: [gen_ff] Map.getHeight() maki script function returning width instead
  • Fixed: [gen_ff] winshade global hotkeys broken w/ modern skins
  • Fixed: [gen_jumpex] 'Add to Queue' issues
  • Fixed: [gen_jumpex] NT4 incompatability
  • Fixed: [gen_jumpex] misc bug fixes
  • Fixed: [gen_ml] icon changes on drag+drop items
  • Fixed: [in_mp3] playback of AAC streams
  • Fixed: [in_mp4] seek bug when using right arrow key
  • Fixed: [in_wm] Playback restarts from beginning when editing tags of a currently playing .wma file
  • Fixed: [in_wm] protocol/extension reversed in config > filetype > edit
  • Fixed: [in_wm] 'Audio only' always checked for ASF/WMV in config
  • Fixed: [in_wm] seek bug when using right arrow key
  • Fixed: [ml_bookmarks] 'Edit Bookmarks' menu item not working when Media Library is hidden
  • Fixed: [ml_local] crash while rearranging media library views
  • Fixed: [ml_local] crash on close
  • Fixed: [ml_local] sort arrow reversed in some columns
  • Fixed: [ml_playlists] Import Playlists uses containing dir for title instead of filename
  • Fixed: [ml_playlists] No "Recurse" checkbox in Import Playlists From Folder
  • Fixed: [ml_playlists] Add Dir adds all filetypes (not just all-supported)
  • Fixed: [ml_playlists] rt-click enqueue not working & other issues
  • Fixed: [ml_playlists] Not saving playlists in some situations
  • Fixed: [ml_playlists] crash when loading badly formed WPL playlists
  • Fixed: [ml_playlists] drag&drop into playlist not adding to correct position
  • Fixed: [ml_playlists] root playlist screen not updating when adding new playlist
  • Fixed: [ml_playlists] reverting changes on send-to: playlist
  • Fixed: [ml_wire] some podcasts only display one item
  • Fixed: [out_ds] stop with fade (shift+v) issue
  • Updated: [in_cdda] CDDB


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