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Der Patch für Ship Simulator 2006 auf Version 1.1 behebt einige Bugs und fügt die Mission aus der Demo hinzu.

New features:
- AI ships now pause
- AI ships brake and try to stop for the player ship
- Multiscreen setups now supported
- Control-type properly saved and displayed in the settings dialog
- Demo mission now included

- Resolutions higher than 1600x1200 bug fixed
- Help screen Edit-Mode now starts on the correct page
- Mooring waypoint logic improved
- Drowning man sound interfering with boat sound fixed
- Deleting objects in Edit-mode bug fixed
- Lowered the speed of the big container AI ship

Known issues:
- Screen going black after starting up.

Possible solutions:
1) Edit the publisher.dat file in the root of your Ship Simulator 2006 folder with an text-editor and change the publisher name to VSTEP and save the file.
2) Uninstall any codec-packs you might have installed (K-Lite etc.)


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