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Offene Beta-Version (v2.0.205) des Online-Runden-Strategiespiels Massive Assault Network 2 - weitere Details auf der offiziellen Website.

Changes in v2.0.205:

Following improvements have been done:

- Drop-down menu adds new shortcuts that allow display the grid of hexes, view distance between two locations, show possible threat from hostile units, make screenshots, etc.
- Fast Access Settings menu speeds up the access to Personal Career;
- Award system now rewards each player once they reach 25, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 victories over other live opponents.
- Default settings have been adjusted to ease battles for new players.
- Registered players may upload their avatars (to be verified and approved by support manager) from "My Profile" sections.
- New animated cursor for unit selection.
- Lots of minor optimization and interface enhancements.

Patch addresses the most of reported bugs including:

- Fixed bug when some turns by online AI opponents were delivered incorrectly which caused game server to reject them;
- Fixed online games data transfer bug between live opponents, which caused players to re-login in order to proceeded with the battle;
- Fixed application crash upon switching options in Challenges section and upon scrolling;
- Fixed bug with games finished due to time-out;
- Trial players can see now the games they can join as observer from Chat section (battles on planets inaccessible for trial players are marked with grey eye);
- Scripts describing extra units has been fixed (some replays got frozen);
- Lots of other bugs of minor importance reported by players and QA team;


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