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Total Commander 6.55 final

  • Fixed: Installer didn't correctly detect Windows Vista
  • Fixed: Revert to c:\totalcmd as default install directory (can of course be changed manually)
  • Fixed: Unpacking multiple archives with external unpacker to separate subdirs unpacked to wrong subdir if target contained spaces
  • Fixed: %commander_ini% wasn't containing the full path when the wincmd.ini was located in the windows directory
  • Fixed: Change drive while in search result switched from custom columns or thumbnail view to full view
  • Fixed: Access violation when trying to search for a unicode string longer than 150 characters. Note that only the first 127 characters can be found
  • Fixed: When saving or deleting a search in "Find files", reload the color filters (which may be based on such searches). The list is refreshed when the dialog is closed (except when noreread set for this drive)
  • Fixed: Custom columns view: If both "Adjust tabs to windows width" and "Horizontal scrollbar" were checked, the scrollbar width wasn't adjusted when resizing
  • Fixed: Empty file list with the following procedure: Search, feed to listbox, Ctrl+Shift+T, Ctrl+R, Ctrl+Tab (duplicate search result in new inactive tab)
  • Fixed: Use same function to copy date/time from archive as for normal copying (set again afterwards if first fails)
  • Fixed: Copy - move to background: Only beep if the minimum time set in configuration - misc has been reached
  • Fixed: Find Files: When deleting a saved search, the plugin options were not deleted (was already fixed earlier in TC7)
  • Fixed: Catch error caused by HTTP proxy returning invalid reply in the form "HTTP/1.1 HTTP 404 Not Found" instead of "HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found"
  • Fixed: cm_ToggleLockDcaCurrentTab not working correctly (locking works, unlocking not)
  • Fixed: Installer hanging on Windows NT4 (because variable %ProgramFiles% does not exist)
  • Fixed: UC2 packer: Properties of file (Alt+Enter) showing invalid file size
  • Added: Windows Vista: Use IsUserAnAdmin to determine whether the user has full admin rights or not, show "username^" if user has full admin rights
  • Fixed: Avoid flickering of buttons when button is pressed but cursor outside of the button
  • Fixed: Sometimes the wrong help page was opened in Configuration - Options (e.g. on FTP page if cursor on one of the dialog box items)
  • Added: XP: Show buttons in synchronize dirs with new disabled and disabled down states during comparison
  • Fixed: U3 installer: remove read only attribute from wincmd.ini and wcx_ftp.ini when copied to USB stick, so options can be written
  • Fixed: Configure custom columns: Wrong width saved for name column when auto-adjusting to window width in vertical arrangement
  • Fixed: 100% CPU caused by self-extracting installer
  • Fixed: Ctrl+Q didn't work with plugins on updir item '..' in the root and all directories just below the root. The name is still passed as c:\path\..\ so the plugin can distinguish between the path under the cursor, and the current path
  • Added: totalcmd.exe.manifest file, because Totalcmd didn't use the XP look in some cases (internal manifest resource was ignored)
  • Fixed: Load selection from file: The file wasn't closed if it had a size of 0
  • Added: Installer: show error if selected target directory cannot be created, and let user choose a different location
  • Fixed: When starting up, make test whether is writable without actually writing to the file (just open with write rights)
  • Added: Installer: Set default location of ini files to %APPDATA%\GHISLER on NT/2000/XP if the Windows directory is not writable (for non-admin accounts)
  • Added: Look for wincmd.key also in the path of the wincmd.ini
  • Fixed: Directory hotlist, Start menu: Don't allow user to enter title with only spaces in it (cannot be saved to ini). Enter a dash - for a separator!
  • Fixed: Lister: wrong text selected in binary and hex mode when cursor to the right of all text
  • Added: Drag&drop to button bar, copy+paste via right click: Show error if bar file is not writable
  • Added: *.bar [options] redirect=0 turns off the new redirect bar option (TC behaves as it did before version 6.55). redirect=1 forces redirect even if bar file would be writable
  • Added: If no button bar location is specified in the wincmd.ini, assume the program dir. If this file is not writable, copy it to the ini file dir and use it from there, so the user can change it
  • Added: When TC starts, make sure that the specified directory for the ini files wincmd.ini and wcx_ftp.ini really exists, otherwise create it
  • Added: Installer: Set default location of ini files to %APPDATA%\GHISLER on Windows Vista if there was no user-defined location set
  • Fixed: Made inplace rename box (Shift+F6) two pixels wider in brief mode so the longest name does fit in on Windows XP too
  • Fixed: Could not modify ZIP archives on removable disks >2GB (e.g. huge USB sticks)
  • Fixed: Ctrl+Up arrow resulted in an empty tab when cursor on a file in a zip subdir
  • Fixed: Holding down Alt+Shift+F6 (test archive) with AlwaysUnpackInBackground option set could still cause an access violation -> catch it
  • Fixed: When copying files with the normal copy functions, the file date wasn't copied in some cases (when copying to a network with Norton Antivirus running in the background)
  • Fixed: When closing TC with a file system plugin in the left panel showing a progress bar (e.g. temp panel), the right panel isn't refreshed on restart
  • Fixed: 2 row button bar: When moving mouse cursor 1 pixel behind last button in first row, the first button in the second row showed a hint and reacted to clicks
  • Fixed: Language files (*.lng) could not be larger than 64k (TC 6.55 16 bit: cut off file at 64k-16 bytes)
  • Added: Opening CHM help file does not work when started from a network -> copy from net to TEMP before opening it, delete when done
  • Added: Call CHM help file instead of HLP if present in the same dir with same name
  • Fixed: Configuration - Options - ZIP packer: The temp dir now also supports environment variables like %temp% or %commander_path%
  • Fixed: XP: Crash when http connection gets redirected and the path is longer than 259 characters (probably not system-critical, the string overlap is only a few bytes)
  • Fixed: Ctrl+N HTTP download not working when IPv6 enabled and no port number given in URL
  • Fixed: Hard links to directories (reparse points) were always shown with special icons even if they were disabled in the configuration
  • Fixed: Compare by content: Don't try to open/unpack/download updir item [..]
  • Fixed: Delete to Recycle bin was called twice when it failed due to a sharing violation
  • Fixed: The following dialogs were not centered on the Totalcmd window: Main config dialog, ftp connection details, connection progress, check CRC progress, Packer/FS/LS/Content plugin config dialog
  • Fixed: Start menu was displayed even with RestrictInterface=1 when switching from non-English to English language
  • Fixed: The already running instance of TC wasn't restored when minimized to tray and only 1 instance allowed when starting TC again
  • Fixed: Using watchdirs sometimes produced duplicate file names (reason: Windows reported the file with a different upper-/lowercase than it exists on disk)
  • Fixed: Holding down Alt+Shift+F6 (test archive) with AlwaysUnpackInBackground option set could cause access violation -> only allow to open next dialog after 500 ms delay
  • Fixed: Ctrl+Up arrow resulted in an empty tab when cursor on a directory in a zip subdir
  • Fixed: Unpacking of archive >4GB not always working (when file starts beyond the 4 GB limit)
  • Fixed: Quickview was not refreshed when switching to a different tab with the mouse
  • Fixed: Synchronise dirs: ESC has to be hold down for at least 100ms to avoid that comparison is stopped when pressing ESC in compare by contents window
  • Fixed: XP only: Alt+Tab from TC while displaying quick search caused a focus loss
  • Fixed: Switching between two tabs with tree views produced empty listings
  • Fixed: With RestrictInterface=1, choosing the built-in English language could cause an access violation
  • Fixed: Search in plugins: when using "regex", the exception created by an invalid search sting like "[" is not caught
  • Fixed: Shift+Click after changing tab selected wrong file range
  • Fixed: Always end descript.ion file with <CR><LF>
  • Fixed: Branch view Ctrl+B: Update status line with file under cursor (instead of showing just [..])
  • Fixed: For VISTA: Icon extract functions fail when surrounded by double quotes "".
  • Fixed: For VISTA: Call MessageLoop regularly during re-reading Alt+F10 tree
  • Fixed: SFX module: As with internal unpacking, remove relative paths in the form ..\ or ...\ (any number of dots >=2)
  • Fixed: Windows VISTA beta 2 bug: WinHelp command no longer working -> call winhelp.exe manually. For testing, this code is also enabled on WinXP.
  • Fixed: FTP upload via background transfer manager: When getting overwrite confirmation dialog, clicking "abort" aborted only current file, but then continued with other files in list
  • Fixed: Lister: Selection with mouse could select negative offsets when selecting to the left of the text
  • Fixed: Stack overflow when trying to delete very long dirs of certain length
  • Fixed: Self-extracting ZIP archive can now also overwrite read-only files (user will be asked for each file)
  • Fixed: CTRL+F3 in synchronize dirs was not always working (it was disabled when right clicking on a file available only on one side)
  • Fixed: When re-packing files from an archive without an extension, the suggested file name was instead of (by mistake, this wasn't added to TC655beta1)
  • Fixed: Search function: When using option "Search only selected dirs" and [..] was selected, TC searched also in the parent dir -> auto-uncheck [..]
  • Fixed: ListNotificationReceived was broken: WM_COMMAND was only called during loading of plugin
  • Fixed: When unpacking, remove relative paths in the form ..\ or ...\ (any number of dots >=2) -> this would place the file in the parent dir, which is a potential security risk
  • Fixed: Lister: Printing selection printed junk in the first line if the selection was made beyond the beginning of the file
  • Fixed: Detect when a drive is SUBSTed, and avoid to overwrite a file with itself when copying from/to this substed drive (by mistake, this wasn't added to TC655beta1)
  • Fixed: Right click -> New submenu: look in "All Users\Templates" if template not found in "<username>\Template"
  • Fixed: Files - Unpack all not working with files named e.g. when "Unpack each archive to separate subdir" was checked
  • Fixed: When using "Show only selected files" in thumbnails view while thumbs were still being extracted, the wrong thumbs could be shown -> clear thumbs extraction queue
  • Fixed: With WatchDirs=5, files could disappear from the list when editing them in some editors
  • Added: Synchronize dirs: "Close" button now changed to "Abort" during comparison (function re-inserted into 6.x line after the release of TC 6.54a)
  • Added: Synchronize dirs: react to windows messages also during normal compare, not only during compare by content -> can abort with mouse, or switch to other program and back


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