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Patch 1.03 für Strategic Command 2 Blitzkrieg (Speicherstände von v1.0, v1.01, v1.02 funktionieren nach der Patch-Installation nicht mehr)

In addition, this patch includes two new user created utilities; a Map Generator and a Script Editor.

MapGen.exe is a utility to create tile maps for Strategic Command 2 from a bitmap. This tile map can then be imported into the Strategic Command 2 Editor and used as a starting point for a new scenario.

The Script Edtior is a handy utility that makes it much more convenient to edit and process multiple scripts. With its intuitive interface and tree listing of all available scripts and events, accessing and editing scripts has never been easier.

This patch is all inclusive (includes all fixes from v1.01 and v1.02) and can be applied to any previous game version, v1.0,   v1.01, or v1.02. Please see below for important save game compatablity info before patching.


The v1.03 patch is NOT compatible with save games from ANY pervious version of the game. If you have current games in progress, please finish them before patching.


Prior to installing this patch over your current files, use the Export Data feature to save all of your existing data for a custom campaign(s). We suggest you also zip up all of your custom files just in case so you can go back to them if necessary and rename your custom campaign as campaign_old. You should also rename your templates directory to templates_old so you can check for changes.

Once you've followed the steps above apply the patch and then do the following:

1) Open a new campaign using File->New

2) Set the new campaign map size to match the map size of your previous pre patch campaign.

3) Select File->Import and select the folder for the campaign in which you would like to import data files from. If you do not have the correct map size the Editor will inform you and you can then repeat step 2)

4) At this point, select Save and select the name of the older campaign you wish to update. This assumes you still have the original 'Campaigns' folder intact with the pre patch campaigns and subfolders. For example, let's say you had a file called '1939 Fall Weiss Custom'. Simply select this file when you are going to save.

WARNING: It will ask you if you would like to overwrite the scripts. Make sure you click "NO".

NOTE: If you click "YES" it will overwrite the existing scripts with the Template scripts. If you click "NO" it will use the existing scripts which is what you want here.

v1.03 Patch Notes


- Added new 3rd Party utility, Script Editor and documentation (located in 'Extras' folder)

- Added new 3rd Party utility, Map Generator and documentation (located in 'Extras' folder)

- Fixed an engineers bug that allowed for continual movement if the unit was fortifying and then set to not fortify (Mr. Dozer)

- Amphibious assaults (AI) will now check to make sure that 50% of available transports are within 1/2 AP range of the ideal coastal assault position before declaring war (if necessary). This enables much more effective AI amphibious assaults upon DoW. Regular amphibious assaults still only check that 50% of available transports are within full AP range of the ideal coastal assault
position before landing (from v1.02)

- Fixed a unit sprite (research level) error when the AI purchased previously destroyed units (additional related fix from v1.02)

- Fixed an intercept bug where a friendly AF would intercept multiple times during an AI turn (Desert Dave)

- Enemy diplomatic activity is also now reported (partially) under FoW

- Diplomacy dialog now lists cumulative influence (by each major) per targeted country

- Fixed a reinforce bug when there were no weather zones in place (John Hugo)

- Fixed a paratroops bug that allowed for continual movement if the unit was prepared and then un-prepared (Mr. Dozer)

- Fixed an upgrade bug that did not allow for proper upgrades of discounted units, i.e. those re-purchased at 60% (BioWizard)

- Fixed a major PLAN script bug that inadvertently canceled multiple plans and as a result caused some unpredictable AI planning
behaviour, mostly to do with SEA TRANSPORT and AMPHIBIOUS plans

- Fixed a bug where transport information was not shown in the unit box when unloading a unit (Randy)

- Fixed a bug where you were able to purchase units beyond available MPP

- Fixed an AAR bug that did not apply proper losses to attacking bombers (Terif)



- Improved Allied AI scripts for handling North Africa

- Added an Allied Norwegian convoy script (Edwin P.)

- Adjusted South African UNIT event to take into account Axis naval positions relative to Alexandria

- Slight increase in US activation when USSR enters the war (ACTIVATION#3), from 3-5 to 5-7%

- Adjusted Atlas Saharan mountain tiles for improved AI performance in North Africa

- Adjusted PURCHASE scripts to optimize Allied AI purchases

- Fixed a map shift error that did not update RESEARCH, DIPLOMACY and PURCHASE scripts properly

- Changed diplomatic chits for France and Italy to 3 from 5

- Changed diplomatic effective range for France, USA, USSR and Italy to 7-10%

- Changed diplomatic bonus range for France, USA, USSR and Italy to 15-20%

- Changed Amphibious range default to 4 with the exception of UK, France, USA, Italy and Canada which have a default of 5

- Changed Zurich to Bern

- Changed South African and Indian UNIT script arrivals to #TYPE=1 (Blashy)

- Fixed AI script update errors when shifting the map (Lucas)

- Changed Corps SA value to 1 (Blashy)

- Bumped SD/TD=2 for Canadain Armies to match other minor armies such as Finland, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland

- Localization text modifications to better accomodate translation efforts

- Increased default Air Defense Bonus and Bomber Defense Bonus for Cities and Capitals from 1 to 2 (Terif)

- Added some extra DIPLOMACY scripts (Edwin P.)


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