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Patch 1.05 für Shadowgrounds

The latest patch is a unified 1.05 patch that removes copy protection from all versions, fixes minor technical and gameplay issues and has some features aimed at helping modders.

* A couple of minor fixes to video playback, all known video issues should now be resolved
* Creates statistics correctly for mods (collect_game_stats command, \Stats must be present in the SG folder first)
* Unicode fonts now display correctly in all resolutions (Unicode is only used for some minor releases of the game but can also be used in mods)
* Some English grammar fixes (thanks go to ZEUS_GB, Black Vault and Ishmael on the official forums!)
* Minor text box graphics fix for Mission 2 regarding the Water Pump part
* 45 degree walls don't make the player stuck as often anymore
* Animated monsters now remain dead even if they are triggered to act (Brutes in New Atlantis)

* Building blocks added to the patch Data file so gamers can play mods properly without installing the Level Editor)
* "Help" command added to help players who get stuck (it allows ghost mode for 5 seconds)


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