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Der erste Patch für Joint Task Force funktioniert mit allen internationalen Versionen des Strategiespiels und fügt zwei neue Karten hinzu. Außerdem werden einige Bugs behoben. Spielstände von Version 1.0 sind mit der gepatchten Version nicht kompatibel.

This file updates all language versions of Joint Task Force to version 1.1.

Patch 1.1 makes several changes to the original retail version (1.0) including:

* Fixes - Includes fixes to random errors, improved mission load times, driver updates, and other updates.

* New Map "Bosnian Railway Station" - With lots of obstacles, this 6 player multiplayer map is difficult terrain for every commander. Make use of the many objects and buildings to you own advantage while keeping a close eye on your enemies.

* New Map "Oasis" - Centered around a nice oasis in the middle of the desert, this 2 player multiplayer map demands a different approach. Outsmart your enemy and do your worst!

Prior save games are not compatible with Joint Task Force version 1.1.


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