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Der dritte Patch für Gothic 3 behebt ausschliesslich ein Problem, das beim Speichern auf bestimmten Systemen nach längerer Spieldauer auftreten konnte und dann zu einem Absturz führt.

Build 1.09
- fixes an issue where trying to save a game would crash/hang the program with a memory related error message

Build 1.08
- Several crash bugs fixed
- Performance increased
- Combat AI for several monsters improved/simplified (e.g. boar)
- Lots of AI Fixes ( Murderer Reaction from party member fixed, AI comments improved)
- Sleeping NPC's AI reactions improved
- Camera Control: Inverting the X-axis is now saved
- Lensflare/Sun doesn't shine through mountains and buildings anymore
- Rhobar and Zuben are dead after defeating them
- Revolution mechanics improved
- Lester does now talk even when not sitting at the campfire
- Epilogue fixed
- "No mission success after 2 times "not enough gold" fixed

Build 1.07
- Glowing vegetation bug in older shader versions has been fixed
- Several crashes and bugs related to the physics system have been fixed
- Flickering objects and invisible particle systems bugs (mostly fire) were fixed
- Some bugs were fixed which lead to the hero being invisible after loading
- Some bugs were fixed which lead to skeletons and golems disapperaing after death
- Z-Fighting bugs and alpha object order bugs were fixed, especially magic barrier vs. sky plane
- Several bugs with rendering objects under water were fixed
- An illumination crash bug on multicore systems was fixed
- Several bugs and optimizations relating the the dynamic music system were done
- A bug was fixed that lead to the damage value for modified weapons being not be displayed correctly
- The mouse cursor sometimes appeared at wrong positions. This was fixed.
- We fixed a bug where, after loading a save game, unique treasure chests would hand out the first item in the list again
- A bug in the soul travel spell was fixed (hero did not recognize that he has transformed back, resulting in an invincible state)
- The height of wade- and swim effects was adjusted
- A bug was fixed that calculated the fall damage (sometimes too low)
- Fixed a bug where skills granted by items would not be shown as enabled
- Fixed a bug where when running in fullscreen and using draw scale the GUI's mouse sensitivity would be reduced
- A crash was fixed that sometimes happened after casting the fire rain spell
- Several bugs related to the Pause mode and Quickload/Quicksave were fixed
- Several optimizations related to arrows were done
- Bugs related to following NPCs were fixed
- A bugs was fixed that reversed the order of tabs in the mission screen


Build 1.09

Build 1.08
- Vak and Gonzales are now still there after a revolution
- There are now more weapons at traders and in chests
- Annoying NPCs from Faring arena removed
- Story and Missions in Al shedim improved. (Lester,Saturas,Wutras,etc...)
- Snorre's ancestor stone fixed
- All problems of Hogar and the southern Orcs fixed
- Ronar Trading fixed
- Less monsters/Orcs in Nordmar
- Vibald is now carrying explosive arrows
- Bogir dialog fixed
- Osmund dialog fixed

Build 1.07
- Navigation problems in temples and Ishtar fixed
- Phil in Kap Dun now fights in Revolutions
- Fixed the Montera slaves that walked around the well and through the fire
- Turned around a chest near Vengard
- Fixed a problem with Daryl's Orcs
- Fixed Scavenger problem near Porgan
- Kamak doesn't care about the monsters anymore
- Fixed Peer's daily routine
- Remove wolf skin in Gamal's tent
- Fixed flying Orc in Vengard
- Arena Fighters in Silden have now collission
- NPCs now react to drawing the weapon in Silden
- Turned around a chest in Silden
- Destination point for Vengard stone moved
- Removed some healing plants in Myrtana
- Several plants with permanent effect werde added
- Seruk now stays in town after Revolution
- Removed some heavy smalltalk groups
- Kor Shach's navigation was adjusted
- Tippler's hut is now furnitured
- Flying objects after changing sectors were fixed
- Lukjan Overtime quest was fixed
- Sanford's letter mechanic was improved
- Tyler now goes to Trelis
- Cyrus now leaves the party mode
- Avogadro now goes to the farm after the quest succeeding
- Kelvin now goes to the temple
- Osko now goes to the farm
- Some dialog fixes with Flint in Faring were done
- The healing potion quest from Pranck is now solvable
- Spike was fixed
- Experience points in Kap Dun were adjusted
- Nemrok quest and reputation fixed
- Mojok dialog mechanic adjusted
- Bored guard dialog fixed
- Folleck dialog fixed
- Ali dialog fixed
- Gunock talks about Grok dialog mechanic fixed
- Sulfock dialog mechanic fixed
- Lares dialog fixed
- Sulfur was added to traders' treasuresets
- Antidote was added to traders' treasuresets
- Yepas has now the correct political alignment
- It's now easier to hit alligators
- It's now easier to hit the straw wolves near Montera
- Seruk's guild adjusted
- Traders have now more water
- Kamak's guild adjusted
- Map coordinates fixed
- Several recipes fixed
- Wenzel doesn't attack the orcs problem fixed
- Nasib's enclave fixed
- Staff and robe traders adjusted
- Stone tablets distribution improved
- Beds and chests at Nomad camps added
- Yasmin's und Alima's daily routine adjusted
- Navigation problems in Mora Sul fixed
- Hamid's daily routine adjusted
- Masil's daily routine adjusted
- Navigation zones in Al Shedim fixed
- Monster distribution in Al Shedim adjusted
- Quest mechanics in Al Shedim improved
- Dialog with Lester in desert fixed
- Fasim now invites you to the arena
- Reputation mechanic in Mora Sul improved
- Lukor dialog fixed
- Angar's guild changed, Party member added
- Several fixes in Ornarok's quest.
- Dialog problem with Yasmin fixed
- Ilja's amulet is now unique
- You can't buy a flame sword now
- Raw meat bugs were moved to the right inventory category
- You can buy more maps at traders
- Lukor quest fixed
- Ali's key fixed


Build 1.09

Build 1.08
- Crossbow handling improved

Build 1.07
- A sort order for skills was implemented
- Strings can now have UTF-16 format
- Character now won't slide if the ground entity has a volume < 3m3
- The HUD now automatically selects the smallest map that contains the player's position upon opening the map list
- A sort order for spells was implemented
- The sort order for consumables, artefacts and documents was improved
- Several Balancing values have been adjusted
- Summoned party members now defend the player


Toaster91 schrieb am
Musst du nicht, kannst du aber.
der patch 1.09 ist unabhängig und müsste auch so funktionieren.
just pro schrieb am
Eine blöde Frage:
Habs mir gestern gekauft, dann wurde mir der Patch 1.09 zum DL angeboten >ausgeführt. Nun hab ich eben gelesen das der Patch nur nen Speicherbug behebt.
Muss ich den Pach 1.08 folglich auch noch draufspielen?
Danke =)
Peronia schrieb am
schrieb am