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Szenario-Editor für Warhammer: Mark of Chaos (inkl. kurzer Anleitung)

Mark of Chaos Scenario Editor Readme File

So, you've decided to embark on a little map customization, we'll it's no walk in the park, but with a few tips, we should have you creating some custom maps in no time.

First rule of the Scenario Editor is: it is an unsupported tool. So while there will be revisions to it to update it over time, unlike the game, we cannot predict when updates will happen for this tool, so enjoy it for what it is, a really powerful scenario editor that the developers themselves use to edit everything from terrain to unit behaviour. Also, we are light on Hungarian how-guides for this editor, and while I'm certain more detailed descriptions for how to use this tool will emerge from the developers at Black Hole and from the community that figures it out for themselves, we cannot say exactly when all of this will arrive.


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