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Patch für Call of Juarez

After consultations with players, reconsideration of their hints and ideas, Techland has introduced changes which, above all, are to improve the multiplayer game mode. The patch is universal and works well with all language versions of Call of Juarez. Please note, however, that versions and are incompatible, thus it's only possible to connect to a server with the same game version.

What's new in version

1. Anticheat system (client game data verification).
2. Improved navigation in join server/create server menus.
3. AwayFromKeyboard option (allows to kill AFK player after given sec.).
4. TeamKill option (allows to kick player from server after given teamkills).
5. Friendly Fire option.
6. ShowDamageMessages option.
7. /ban console command.
8. Some minor changes.


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