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Acht neue Multiplayer-Karten für Call of Juarez

Burrito – 8-12 players. Two gold sacks are placed close to each other. The sheriffs need to deply their forces accordingly. By concentrating on one sack, they face the risk of loosing the other. While the distance between the opposing sides is big, once they come into contact near the gold, miners and gunslingers become key characters.

Crusade – 8-16 players. Bandits are staking out in the church in the centre of the map. The building is surrounded by a low wall. Sloped land behind the church gives very little cover. While the church is easy to defend, once a miner or gunslinger make it into the perimeter, the defenders will face an onslaught.

Den – 10-16 players. Open map with three main roads for the bandits to use to get to the gold. The shortest route leads through the town center, giving very little cover other then the old stone water tank. The second route leads through the towns back road, with multiple buildings giving a good cover for snipers. The stables are packed with numerous crates and boxes which are ideal for hiding behind during close combat. Rooftops give great gameplay abilities too.

El Paso – 8-12 players. A gold shipment has just come into this Mexican border town. The bandits have a choice of two gold carts placed a long way apart. The gameplay boils down ongoing attack & defense and the constant struggle for control points leading to the gold.

Getaway – 6-14 players. The bandits are making away with the stolen gold through a narrow and twisted canyon. They can either opt to flee or set up an ambush. Forces of the law on the other hand can attack from the back or side passages or use dynamite sticks to smoke them out. However, the sheriffs are working under pressure, as they constantly face the risk of the bandits fleeing from the scene, thus, forcing them to constantly push ahead.

Mine Encounter – 6-12 players. The forces of the law have are preparing an ambush in the deserted mine. The bandits need to get through. The map’s design requires both sides to be on a constant offence, either flanking the enemy or using covering fire to get up close. The miner is a key character here.

St. Peter’s Gate – 4-10 players. Two bands run into each other in a narrow mountain pass. This small and quick map results in multiple close combat encounters. The sack is placed on a rock outcrop in the centre – if it falls on the bandits` side, it makes achieving their goal much simpler, and vice-versa.

Twilight – 12-16 players. The bandits want to ambush a gold transport train. They’re also eyeing the valuables inside the mayor’s house, which need to be protected. This is by far the biggest city map in Call of Juarez. It’s easy to confuse the sheriffs, as the sack are placed on the opposite ends of the map. If they camp out near one of the sacks, they’ll have a hard time getting to the other one in time.


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