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Die Demo 1.6 zu Tribal Trouble - Der Stammeskrieg enthält das Tutorial sowie verschiedene Einzel- und Multiplayerlevels.

What's new:

Aggressive warriors: Warriors that are being deployed when the building is under attack will now attack without hesitation. When walking towards a rally point they will attack any enemies they meet.

Checkerboard deployment: Units being deployed will now stand in the same checkerboard formation as they do when moved around the island. This way they will not block entrance to the armory and stand in each others way at the rally point.

Resource delivery: Peons delivering resources to an armory that have already been filled, will now enter it instead of idling next to it.

Bug fix: Network games between players behind NAT/Firewall do no longer time out on startup.

Bug fix: Save games for campaign work as intended again.

Bug fix: Crash bug on exit from multiplayer games fixed.


- Randomized starting positions:
To avoid people taking advantage of the preset map feature in multiplayer, the starting positions have been randomized. The free quit time in the beginning of a match has also been raised to 2 minutes.

- Size and appearance:
The download size has been reduced significantly and the graphics has been refreshed with a new menu and load screens.

- Cheat codes:
Now it is possible for yourself to decide what units you want and when you want them! When cheat mode is enabled, you can create or destroy units with a single keypress. You can also view the island the way only the developers have been able to until now! Learn more here:

- Peon hiding:
Now you no longer have to spend minutes scouting for that last peon your losing enemy has hidden in the forrest. If the enemy has no buildings left, the remaining units will be revealed in the map mode!

- Windows Vista compatibility:
Tribal Trouble has been tested on the latest beta version of Windows Vista, so you can rest assured that Tribal Trouble will work even if you get the new Vista!


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