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Patch 1.2 für die Verkaufsversion von Defcon (nicht für die Steam-Variante)


- New MOD support system
Mods can be loaded and unloaded in-game from a new MODs window.
Mod authors can provide details on their MOD : a screenshot and a data file, which will be shown in the MODs window when the mod is selected.

MODs can be made to give Defcon a complete graphical makeover, eg. making the entire game look like it's set in space. Or they can be entirely new maps - eg Defcon played out over a map of Australia, with new territories and cities to match.

There are two types of MOD:
Critical MOD : required by all players connecting, eg a new Map
Non critical MOD : graphical/audio only mod

When joining a game server any Critical mods that are required will be activated. If those mods are not installed you will not be able to join.
The Server Browser now has a new column to show what MODs are unning.

Servers that are running MODs you do NOT have installed will now show up yellow in the Server Browser (as opposed to Red which signifies they are running an incompatible version)

- Additional minor MOD support
Image "data/graphics/explosion.bmp" is now only used by Explosions.
Previously it was used to render population and radiation, making it impossible to mod explosion graphics without modding those too.

- New preferences option : RenderNodes
Very usefull for people making new maps for Defcon.
Set this option to 1 (by editing your preferences.txt file) to render the Nodes used in-game. Red = AI Target, Green = AI Placement, White = Travel
The white lines represent the possible routes ships can sail along.
If you have a team selected the Red AI Target markers will fill to indicate a sensible target within striking range of any enemy.


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