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Rainbow Six: Vegas v1.02 Patch Contents

* Fixed a crash when player is kicked from server.
* Fixed a crash when fetching online matches (quick and custom search).
* Fixed a crash/freeze that occurred after many games have been played.
* Fixed a problem when switching from Online to LAN mode.
* Fixed the freeze issue after the Unreal logo related to the Language for non-Unicode programs setting.
* Throwing a grenade on a player using a turret will now apply damage.
* Removed Eye Adaptation.
* Radar jammer now jams all players.
* Fixed map rotation issue on dedicated servers.
* Fixed the choppy Ubisoft logo animation when the game starts.
* Reduced lag with in-game videos on certain computers.
* Many Tutorial-related inaccuracies have been corrected.
* Fixed a dedicated server crash related to equipement.
* Fixed the cursor being stuck in desktop sub-rect after an ALT-TAB.
* Version number will now be displayed to the user in the main menu.
* Fixed a bug while observing a game where while using the joystick, the A button was not displayed properly.
* Fixed controller problem where wrong button was assigned to exit turrets.
* Fixed the missing grenades and ammo when going from Realistic to Normal mode.


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