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Patch 1.43.87 für Panzer Elite Action

- Various localization fixes (typos)
- Fixed being able to issue attack commands on supply areas
- Fixed airstrike related load game crash
- Fixed multiplayer airstrike planes sometimes bombing themselves
- Fixed missing hit indicator in binoculars mode with medium tank in MP
- Fixed camera penetrating ground sometimes
- Fixed issue with vertical aimaing when on very slopey terrain
- Game now restarts properly when changing resolution and/or language
- Fixed problem with some area sounds stuttering
- Fixed rare crash during interactive music change
- Fixed annoying "3d sounds must have one channel" message in log output
- Fixed mouse cursor texture leak
- Refresh-rate can now be changed even if resolution remains the same
- Fixed crash when loading screen text was too long (mostly in french)
- Fixed a bug where a missing unit description would crash the game
- Fixed autosave on objective/mission complete that sometimes didn't save
- Fixed a freeze if player first completed mission then failed on next
- Fixed end of mission freezes (dialog and video related)
- Fixed dialog queue bug that sometimes paused dialogs
- Fixed profile/save related bug if user was out of HD space
- Fixed load mission black screen frezze
- Fixed infantry unit that sometimes caused crash in Stalingrad mission
- Fixed automatic language detection
- Fixed various ALT+TAB issues, though it is still officially unsupported
- Fixed various other freezes and crashes

- Added 1 second fade in at mission end
- If player tank drives over a dead AI, it will blow up and disapper
- Changed MP spawn behavior to spawn players that were not spawned due to full spawn area ASAP
- Changed default immortal time after spawn in MP from 6 to 3 seconds
- Added more information (savegames, extended log info) to crashreports
- Added missing quick save/load (F9 quick load, F6 quick save)

- Users with the 1.43.87 patch will not be able to play multiplayer games with previous versions of PEA


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