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Der Patch für Söldner - Secret Wars bzw. Söldner - Marine Corps aktualisiert den Ego-Shooter auf Version 33675, egal welche Version installiert ist.

Source Changes
-Several bug fixes with web admin interface (especial with map rotation)
-New functions implemented to web admin interface
-Hitboxed implemented for Soldier with following multipliers: head (2.5),
spine(1.0), hands (0.5), foots(0.5)
-Kill statistics deactivated at servers with more than 4999 money
-Xfire bug fixed.
-New game mode frontline implemented
-deleted lots of unused but loaded files
-New weapon sounds

Map Changes
-Lots of maps optimized for perfomance
-4 new Maps
-Deleted some very big maps

Balacing Changes
-Helicopters Hydra Rockets explosion radius degreased from 7 to 4.5
-Helicopters Armor degreased
-Helicopters prices increased for armored helicopters
-Vehicles minor changes for better adjusting of classes
-Rifles and pistols adjusted
-Rocket Lounchers adjusted in prices and gravity
-Sniper Kit price degreased to 50
-Medi Kit healing time degreased


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