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Patch 1.3 für die Verkaufsversion von Defcon (nicht für die Steam-Variante)

- New White Board system
Allies can now share a battle plan directly drawn on the world map.

- Additional option to change the player name directly from the option menu

- In the lobby, the last game name is now remembered

- Various minor improvements and fixes
-Restart Ambience and Music (if in a game) when applying a mod.
-Fix the crash when applying a mod removing sounds.
-It's now impossible to start a game with a empty name.
-Fix start up crash involving missing game name in game-history.txt.
-Don't advertise a new version on the main interface if the current version is higher than the latest version advertised by the meta server.
-The version update link on the main interface is no more opened when clicked if there is a menu over it.


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