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Client v5.346.0 des Online-Echtzeit-Strategiespiels Time of Defiance 
This version includes real-time shadows and a performance increase of up to 25% which will provide better frame rates. Plus many more enhancements and fixes.

The Game

Time of Defiance (ToD) is an online real time strategy game. This means that the game is played over the internet and runs all the time, whether you are logged on or not. It is a game of varying complexity and depth and you will get the hang of what to do in the first few minutes, but you will find out new things all the time, even after playing for some months! The object of ToD is to take over and hold as much of the northern continent of Nespanona as possible during the game time (typically 3 weeks). You will find that the other players seem to think that this is their aim as well so might not take too kindly to your expansion! ToD is set on the northern continent of Nespanona - a planet that has had its core collapsed to a very dense ball. The crust has been broken in to thousands of pieces of varying sizes and held up by gravity generators. You are one of the many COG tribes that have travelled to the northern continent and you have discovered that most of the islands are uninhabited. As the leader of your tribe you must build an empire to occupy these islands before any of the other tribes. You do this by building fleets of mining vehicles, warships etc. and mining the resources found on these islands to build more warships to occupy more islands and so on….. There are a variety of ships and buildings for you to build each having its own unique capabilities. Now is the Time of Defiance!


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