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In der Demo zum Echtzeit-Strategiespiel Frontline: Fields of Thunder könnt ihr zwei sowjetische Missionen antesten. Zum Entpacken ist WinRAR erforderlich.

"The Berezov village" - Beat back waves of German forces in different strategic locations. As the Germans will attack on multiple sides, your defense needs to be organized so that they cannot break through from either side. As each assault is defeated, the player will receive reinforcements and get a new objective.

"Artillery at work". Defend the heights from German assaults. The enemy is using both tanks and air force, so be prepared for possible air strikes and to use interceptors and artillery. Help colonel Borisov hold his position while keeping an eye out for German scouting parties. Experience battle with heavy armored vehicles, such as "Tigers" and "Ferdinands", which will require you to both be cautious and act rapidly. And do not forget about the enemy's long-range artillery and air force.


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