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Kostenlose Client-Version von United Football (Screenshots)

Bored of playing the same old soccer games? Want to play soccer online with your friends and others from around the world? Then look no further. United Football is here!

Download and play now. It's free so what're you waiting for? While you're waiting for the download to finish here are some features to whet your appetite:

IMPORTANT: Please Read!

No one knows better what computer games they like to play than the gamers themselves. Knowing this we decided to release United Football early and update often, steering the development of the game based upon suggestions from you guys: the players. This way we hope to ensure the game becomes the game you want it to be. For this to work however we need plenty of feedback. We'd like to know things such as:

* Easy to play. Hard to master.
* Immersive viewpoint putting you right in the action.
* Fast paced 5-a-side gameplay (and then some!)
* Unique control system.
* Play against your friends, other gamers, or AI controlled bots
* Play the fun power-up game with cannonball shots, shockwave tackles and more.
* Did we tell you its FREE to download and FREE to play? Hurrah!


Blue_Ace schrieb am
Gute Idee, gabs glaub ich schon mal bei Half Life 1 als Mod. Client hat nur leider noch ein paar Bugs/Lags und leider auch zu wenig Member :roll:
schrieb am