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Patch auf Version 1.20 (von Version 1.11) für Warhammer 40.000: Dawn of War - Dark Crusade

Patch 1.2 Notes


* Health bars for all races now display the accumulated health when there are multiple members in a squad.
* Health bar damage color coding will now properly update based on percentage of damage suffered.
* Increased the stealth detection radius on Relics by 1.
* Increased the stealth detection on Critical Locations by 2.
* All races now have Power decay.
* All flamer weapons have 70% accuracy on the move.
* Starting resources of Quick-Start mode have been increased
o Requisition has been increased from 5,000 to 10,000.
o Necron Power has been increased from 15,000 to 20,000.
* Thermo Plasma Generators now require Tier 2.
* Increased accuracy on the move from 10% to 15%.
* Deleting completed HQ, Barracks, and Power Generators now return 10% of the resources to the player.
* Significantly decreased the Tier 3 infantry damage vs. buildings and vehicles.
* All turrets other than the Necron Turret now require a Barracks or an Armory.


* Plasma Gun upgrade on Chaos Space Marine Squads now require both an Armory and an Unholy Monastery.
* Cultists now require the Unholy Sight research from the Barracks to detect infiltrated units.
* Significantly decreased the cool down on the Sorcerer's teleport ability.
* Increased Tainted Auspex Ward detection radius to 17.
* Predators now require a support cap of 4.
* Chaos Lord no longer takes extra damage when the Daemon Strength ability is activated.
* Increased the Chains of Torment ability cool down from 60 to 80.
* Tech
o The Chaos Sacrificial Circle and Machine Pit no longer require a Barracks or the Armory.
o Heavy Bolter Turrets now require either a Chaos Armory or a Chaos Temple.
o Increased the build time on the Sacrificial Circle from 25 to 35.
o Increased the cost of the Desecrated Fortress from 300r/100p to 300r/105p.
o Chaos Infiltration research has been separated into 2 different researches: one for Cultists, and one for Chaos Space Marines.
* Chaos Projectiles Research has been reworked.
o Now renamed to Chaos Energies.
o Now adds 1000 health to Predators.
o Now adds 500 health to Defilers.
o Now allows individual Predator weapons to be upgraded to Lascannons.
* Berserkers
o Khorne Berserkers now require the Sacrificial Circle.
o Added Mark of Khorne ability to Tier 3: a Berserker ability that causes enemies to run away in fear for 2.5 seconds.
* Daemon Prince
o Significantly increased the special attacks damage of the Daemon Prince.
o Daemon Prince now benefits from the Symbol of Chaos research.
o Decreased Daemon Prince Summoning Research cost from 400/400 to 250/250.
* Defiler
o Increased Defiler Battle Cannon disruption radius from 4 to 5.
o Increased Defiler Battle Cannon throw force from 25-45 to 40-60.
o Slightly increased Defiler Auto Cannon range from 25 to 28.
* Horrors
o Horror squads can now be reinforced.
o Horror squad armor type has been changed from Monster Medium to Heavy Medium.
* Lascannons
o Lascannon upgrades have been restored to the Predator.
o Significantly decreased Chaos Predators Lascannon damage against infantry.
o Decreased Obliterator Lascannon damage against some buildings.
* Possessed Space Marine
o Daemonic Mutation was removed from the game. The upgrade bonuses have been added to the base Possessed Marine unit.
o Decreased Possessed Space Marines damage against buildings and vehicles.


* Reduced Seer Council damage against building and vehicles.
* Bone Singers now spawn with the Teleport ability half charged.
* Increased the cost of Rangers from 40r/0p to 40r/5p
* Decreased the morale damage done by the Grav Tank Star Cannon by 15%
* Increased the disruption radius of Vypers from 4 to 6.
* Increased the range of the Vyper Missile vertical traverse.
* Farseer Hero research and Farseer Veteran research now increases Guardian Warlock health by 150 each.
* Increased squad hold capacity of Falcon Grav Tanks from 1 to 2.
* Fire Dragons now require 2 slots in a transport.
* Slightly decreased Ranger damage vs. Commander Armor.
* Tech
o Soul Shrine requisition cost has been reduced by 50.
o Mobilized for War Research moved from the Soul Shrine to the HQ.
o Support Platform now requires an Aspect Portal.
* Dark Reapers
o Enhanced Optics upgrade now gives more damage and range to Dark Reapers.
o Dark Reaper knife penetration to Infantry Medium reduced from 45 to 27.
* Banshee
o Modified Call of War research to account for the Banshee Tier 1 health upgrades (Tier 2 Banshees still have the same health).
o Morale regeneration rate set to 15 per second.
o Increased Banshee Tier 1 health by 10%.
o Increased Banshee Exarch Tier 1 health by 10%
* Harlequins
o Harlequins Kiss damage is now capped at 4000.
o Decreased their population cap from 2 to 1.
o Harlequins can now detect infiltrated units.
o Its stealth detection radius was changed to 35.
* Grav Platforms have been reworked
o Moved from Tier 2 to Tier 3
o Acceleration and turning speeds have been adjusted.
o No longer affected by cover.
o No longer attach to squads.
o Turbo Boost ability was removed.
o Armor type has been changed to Vehicle Low
o Each Grav Platform type has a squad limit of 3
* The Bright Lance on Grav Platforms has been reworked
o Any unit being damaged by the Bright Lance takes 75% more damage.
o Their damage increase debuff no longer stacks.
o Setup time was changed to 2 seconds.
o The Bright Lance itself now does moderate damage to vehicles.
* The Shuriken Cannon on the Grav Platform has been reworked
o Now does area of effect damage.
o Any unit being damaged by the Shuriken Cannon now suffers from a movement speed penalty.
* Warp Spiders
o Reduced the Warp Spider's damage to vehicles.
o Reinforced Armor Upgrade health bonus for Warp Spiders decreased from 25% to 15%.
o Enhanced Reinforced Armor Upgrade health bonus for Warp Spiders decreased from 40% to 25%.

Imperial Guard

* Increased the damage of garrisoned-building weapons by 25%.
* Reduced the damage the Heavy Bolter Turret does to buildings
* Battle Armor upgrade now increases the Guardsmen Sergeants' health by 150.
* Execute ability no longer affects heavy weapons in Guardsmen and Kasrkin squads.
* Increased the health of Kasrkin from 350 to 385.
* Tech
o Tier 2 Requisition Upgrade income bonus reduced from 25% to 20%
o Mars Pattern Command armor type changed to Building Medium.
o The Tier 3 HQ upgrade now requires a Mechanized Command
o Heavy Bolter Turret now requires either an Infantry Command or a Tactica Control.
o Reduced the cost of the Tactica Control from 175r/50p to 150r/50p
* Curse of the Machine Spirits ability has been reworked
o No longer changes the vehicle's armor type.
o Now immobilizes the target vehicle for a short time.
o Shuts down all weapons on the target vehicle for a short time.
* Weapon Specialization has been fixed
o Damage bonus no longer applies to Guardsmen Grenade Launchers twice. Rather, it applies once to Guardsmen Grenade Launchers and once to Kasrkin Grenade Launchers.
o Decreased the Plasma Gun damage bonus from 100% to 50%.
o Heavy Weapon Specialization upgrade now increases the max number of heavy weapons per Guardsmen squad from 3 to 5.
* Assassin
o Assassin melee penetration to buildings reduced by 50%.
o Significantly decreased the damage the Assassin does to Commander Armor.
o Assassination Scope no longer increases the Assassin's line of sight.
o Infiltrate is now a research that comes from the Tactica Control.
* Basilisk
o Decreased its max speed from 24 to 15.
o Increased its reload time from 6 to 9.
* Heavy Weapons Team
o Lascannon damage has been increased by 10%.
o Decreased the build time of weapon upgrades.
o Slightly decreased Heavy Bolter damage to buildings when entrenched.
* Hellhound
o Decreased the initial damage of the Hellhound's Let it Burn ability from 100-150 to 25-50.
o Reduced the Hellhound accuracy on the move penalty from 40% to 15%.
* Priest
o Priest's morale and health bonuses will now stack with other bonuses
o Priest's morale now recovers at 50 morale.
* Ogryn
o Increased their health from 625 to 690.
o Decreased their Ripper Gun's melee damage to buildings and vehicles.
o Armor type was changed from Monster Medium to Infantry Heavy High.
o No longer benefit from the Execute ability.
* Sanctioned Psyker
o Decreased the backfire chance of the Strip Soul ability from 15% to 0%.
o Decreased Strip Soul's penetration damage to Commander Armor from 75 to 65.
o Decreased the damage of the Strip Soul ability from 300 to 255.


* Increased Heavy Destroyer damage against all vehicle types.
* Significantly increased the damage of Pariahs to Monster Medium armor, making them a more effective counter to Krootox.
* Necrons now have visual effects indicating Necron Warrior and Wraith upgrades.
* Tech
o When a Monolith becomes a Fully Restored Monolith, it no longer loses its control group binding.
o Decreased the second Necron Power research cost from 750 to 550.
o Decreased the first Necron Power research cost from 400 to 300.
o Increased Necron Summoning Core's armor from 0 to 100.
* Flayed Ones
o Are now available after building a Summoning Core.
o Are now morale immune.
o Decreased Flayed Ones special attacks damage to buildings.
* Necron Lord
o Added a visual for the Lightning Field ability.
o Lightning Field now charges twice as fast.
o Lightning Field also charges additionally when the Necron Lord inflicts melee damage.
o Decreased the radius of the Lightning Field ability from 15 to 5.
o Decreased the damage of the Lightning Field ability by 50%.
o Decreased the amount of health units receive when resurrected by the Resurrection Orb ability from 50% to 30%.
o Resurrection Orb is now limited to +24 infantry pop cap.
o Decreased Chronometron cool down from 90 to 70.
o Increased the cool down of Night Bringer from 180 to 300.
o Increased the cool down of Solar Pulse from 60 to 70.
o No longer receives a health bonus for each Tier 3 Monolith present in the game.
* Necron Warrior
o Decreased their accuracy on the move from 100% to 80%.
o Disruption Field upgrade no longer increases the range of Necron Warriors.
o Slightly decreased the Necron Warrior damage against buildings and vehicles.
o Decreased the health bonus of the Disruption Field upgrade.
o Teleports will fail when Necron Warriors get knocked down, but the ability will no longer become greyed out.
* Wraith
o Wraiths are now morale immune.
o Decreased the Wraith Claw damage against some buildings.
o Now begin with an ability that reduces ranged damage by 40%. This ability is always active.
o Wraithflight upgrade now increases ranged damage reduction by an additional 40% for a total reduction of 80%.
o Wraithflight no longer grants a health bonus.
o Decreased initial health from 660 to 500.
o Slightly decreased the Wraith's chance to sync kill.


* Decreased the cost of the Killakan from 190r/300p to 190r/275p.
* Reduced Ork buildings' turret damage against Infantry High.
* Tech
o Nob, Nob Leaders, and Stormboy Nob Leaders now receive an armor upgrade from the Tier 4 vehicle upgrade rather than Super 'Eavy Boy Armor Research.
o Even More Dakka Research now increases Trukk damage by 15%.
o Reintroduced the More Burna and Even More Burna upgrades into the game.
o Tank Bustas now require an upgrade to infiltrate.
o Slightly decreased the cost and build time of the Ork Mek Shop.
o Kustom Gadgitz research now increases the Big Mek's Keen Sight by 10.
* Even More Choppy research has been reintroduced
o Increases the damage of Slugga, Stormboy, Shoota Boy, and Nob Choppa squads by 35%.
o This research will not affect Power Klaws.
o The research is now available at Tier 3 with a cost of 150r/100p.
* Ork Waaagh Charge (mobbing) abilities have been reworked.
o Mob bonuses triggering will now require a Pile O' Gunz and a population of 50.
o Morale regeneration and damage bonuses now only apply to individual squads. The more units that are in a squad, the higher the benefit.
o A speed bonus has been added to the ability.
o A health regeneration bonus has been added to the ability
o Decreased the minimum number of Orks needed to start the bonus from 15 to 5.
o Morale immunity is still area effect and is not confined to individual squads.
* Waaagh Banner
o Decreased its infiltration detection radius from 35 to 25.
o Big Guns upgrade now increases the infiltration detection radius from 25 to 35.
* Big Mek
o Decreased its cost from 190r/60p to 190r/50p
o Decreased its Keen Sight base value from 25 to 20.
o Is affected by the Waaagh Charge ability when attached to squads.
* Flash Gitz
o Decreased their morale regeneration rate from 50 to 9 per second.
o Significantly decreased their damage against vehicles and buildings.
o Can now enter transports.
o Can now benefit from the Waaagh Charge's damage bonus.
* Gretchin
o Their maximum squad size has been decreased to 5.
o Their health has been increased from 50 to 100.
* Slugga Boy Burnaz
o Slugga Boy Burnaz now require 20 pop to build.
o Increased Slugga Boy Burnaz from 20r/5p to 20r/10p.
o Slightly increased the damage of Slugga Boy Burna damage to Building Low.
* Stormboyz
o Reduced Stormboyz damage to buildings by 20%.
o Increased Stormboyz health from 220 to 275.
o Stormboyz Nob Leaders no longer take up pop after they are killed.
o Stikk Bombs now have a minimum damage of 25.
* Mad Dok
o Increased its cost to 75r/75p.
o Increased its training time from 15 to 20.
* Mad Dok's Burna Bomb
o The Burna Bomb no longer explodes when deleted.
o Destroying the Burna Bomb before the countdown has expired also prevents the bomb from going off.
o Increased the minimum damage of Burna Bombs to 500.
o Changed the Burna Bomb armor type to Building Low.
o Slightly decreased the health of the Burna Bomb.
o Reduced the building armor penetration on the Burna Bomb from 50 to 20.
* Wartrukk
o Damage reduced by 15%.
o Increased the squad hold capacity of the Wartrukk from 1 to 2.

Space Marines

* Decreased the squad cap bonus of Space Marine Sergeants from 2 to 1.
* The Force Commander and Librarian now start with Power Swords which have the same stats as their previous weapons.
* The Predator is now available at Tier 3 with an Auto Cannon and 2 Heavy Bolters.
* Significantly decreased Space Marine Predator Lascannon damage against infantry.
* The Chaplain can now attach to squads.
* Orbital Bombardment ability's later effects no longer have 100% penetration against Building High.
* Decreased Orbital Relay squad hold capacity from 4 to 3.
* Decreased the Apothecary and Chaplain's secondary healing aura from 4 to 2. The primary healing aura remains unchanged.
* Decreased Smite damage against infantry.
* Tech
o Power Fists Research now increases the damage of the Force Weapon and the Crozius Arcanum
o Increased the cost of the Monastery upgrade from 250r/100p to 250r/105p.
o Removed the Armory requirement on the Orbital Relay Deep Strike ability.
o Reduced the Scout Infiltration research cost from 100r/200p to 100r/150p.
o Heavy Weapons Deployment now allows Predators to upgrade its individual weapons to Lascannons.
o Decreased the research time on Furious Charge from 45 to 20.
o The Power Weapons research now bestows the Force Commander and the Librarian with a Daemon Hammer and Force Weapon respectively. Both weapons have slightly increased stats over the Power Swords from version 1.11.
* Miscellaneous Weapons Tuning
o Reduced the accuracy of the Assault Marine Bolt Pistol from 0.85 to 0.7
o Decreased the Hellfire missile disruption radius from 5 to 4.
o Decreased the Force Commander, Librarian, and Chaplain Plasma Pistol damage by 20%.
o Slightly increased the damage of the Sergeant's Plasma Pistol.
o Decreased the Tactical Marine Missile Launcher setup time from 2.5 to 2.
o Decreased the Terminator's Storm Bolter damage against buildings.
* Apothecary
o Increased its health from 200 to 500.
o Increased its cost from 45r/15p to 60r/15p.
o Increased its training time from 6 to 15.
o Changed its armor type from Heavy Medium to Heavy High.
* Assault Marines
o Increased recharge time of their jump ability from 90 to 110 seconds.
o Increased the squad cap count of Assault Space Marine squads from 2 to 3.
* Assault Terminator
o Reduced the stun percentage of their attacks.
o Adjusted their damage against buildings.
o Decreased their damage against vehicles.
* Grey Knights
o Decreased the cost of Grey Knights from 60r/60p to 60r/30p.
o Significantly decreased the damage of the Psychic Inquisition ability.
o Reduced the ranged damage of the Grey Knight.
* Land Speeder
o Increased their build time from 19 to 30.
o Increased their cost from 120r/80p to 120r/95p.
* Skull Probes
o Health increased from 100 to 200.
o Require either a Barracks or an Armory
o Now require a separate research to infiltrate.
* Whirlwind
o Reduced damage by 20%
o The Whirlwind no longer fires on the move.
o The Whirlwind now requires Tier 4.


* The Tau Mark Target ability no longer stacks when applied multiple times.
* The Shas'vre Steath Suit now has a new ability that increases the health of squad members by 250.
* Krootox now have a squad limit of 2.
* Tau Photon Grenade and EMP Grenade no longer target ground.
* Devilfish Transport now has a squad limit of 3.
* Significantly decreased Kroot Hound damage to vehicles and buildings.
* Target Acquired will now always target the squad leader.
* The Skyray Missile Barrage cool down has been increased from 60 to 70 seconds.
* Decreased Drone Squads' Death Explosion radius from 5 to 4.
* Increased the LP 3 weapon damage from 400-453 to 700-900.
* Tau Commander Snare Trap no longer stacks with other snare traps.
* Tech
o Greatly increased the health of the Shrine of Kauyon and Shrine of Mont'ka.
o Improved Metallurgy now increases the Tau Commander's health by 200.
o Path to Enlightenment now only requires a Barracks.
o Path to Enlightenment HP increased by 1000.
o Kroot Barracks has been renamed as the Kroot Shaping Center, and now requires a Path to Enlightenment.
o The Greater Knarloc now requires Tier 4.
* Broadside Battlesuit
o Are now a squad of 1. Its damage, health, and costs have been adjusted accordingly.
o Greatly decreased Missile Launcher vehicle damage.
o Decreased Missile Launcher area of effect damage.
o Decreased the minimum range of the Broadside Railgun from 8 to 5.
o Decreased Railgun area of effect damage.
o Significantly decreased their damage against buildings.
* Crisis Suit
o Increased Missile Pod damage against some buildings.
o Increased Flamer reload time to 0.15 seconds.
o Decreased Flamer damage against all infantry by 10%
o Decreased Flamer damage against vehicles.
o Increased its morale recovery value from 50 to 150.
o Significantly decreased Burst Cannon damage to vehicles and buildings.
o Significantly reduced Fusion Blaster damage against buildings.
* Ethereal
o Ethereal can now detect.
o Increased the Ethereal Death Pulse cool down from 90 to 110.
o Ethereal's Honor Guard are now capped at 1 squad.
o Ethereal's Honor Guard now have a setup time.
* Fire Warrior
o Body Guards are now a squad of 1.
o Reduced its ranged damage.
o Shas'vre Fire Warriors now have a setup time on their ranged weapons.
o Slightly decreased damage against infantry.
o Decreased the damage bonus from the Advanced Pulse Rifle upgrade from 35% to 30%.
o Reduced Pulse Rifle damage from 70-80 to 63-72.
o Increased morale recovery value from 50 to 150.
* Hammerhead
o Increased the training time from 30 to 45 seconds.
o Increased the cost from 150r/275p to 165r/315p.
o Damage to infantry has been significantly reduced.
o Increased Hammerhead Gunship health from 2700 to 4000.
o Slightly reduced the Hammerhead Gunship's accuracy on the move.
o Changed Hammerhead Gunship armor type from Vehicle High to Vehicle Medium.
* Kroot Carnivores
o Increased the cost of Kroot Carnivores from 40r/0p to 45r/0p.
o Kroot Carnivores have been moved to the Tau Barracks.
o Kroot Carnivore morale recovery value increased from 50 to 150.
* Pathfinders
o Increased morale recovery value from 50 to 150.
o Increased health from 250 to 350.
* Tau Commander
o Plasma Rifle upgrade now requires a Shrine of Mont'ka or a Shrine of Kauyon.
o Fusion Blaster upgrade now requires just a Path to Englightenment.
* Vespid Auxiliary have been reworked
o The Destabilization ability's damage over time reduced from 400 to 200
o Squads are now capped at 5 members.
o Vespids now start with 3 squad members.
o Reduced Vespid cost from 60r/10p to 50r/10p.
o Squad build time increased from 0 seconds to 6 seconds per member.
o Morale recovery value increased from 50 to 150.
o Health increased by 10%.
o Shred now causes buildings to take double damage from all weapons for 10 seconds.
o Sonic Pulse now causes 50 damage to all unit types.


* Payne's Retribution: Outer edges of rivers are now marked impassable.
* Quest's Triumph: 2nd ramp to center point was added to improve balance.
* Shrine of Excellion: The area surrounding the center critical location was fixed in order to improve pathing issues.
* New 2 player maps have been added to the game
o Tranquility's End
o Emerald River
o Fata Morga
o Bloody Hell
o Emperor's Valley
o Frostbite River
o Haine's Demise
o Titan's Fall
* Tartarus Center: Added back into the game.
* Fear: Updated to improve balance, and has been added back into the game

Bug Fixes

* The Imperial Guard Assassin can no longer fire on the move.
* Kroot Shaper's health bonus and health regeneration bonuses are now applying properly.
* Cultist Aspiring Champions are now affected by Furious Charge and Purge the Weak.
* Building the Vespid Strain Leader no longer causes the Vespid abilities to reset.
* Building the Warpspider Exarch in the Warpspider squad no longer resets the Haywire Grenade ability.
* Fire Dragons now correctly fire at targets within range.
* The Big Mek now does significantly more damage to Vehicle High.
* Random race is now displayed properly on the loading screen of Auto-match games.
* The in game notification box has been decreased in size and relocated to the top of the screen to provide more map visibility.
* The Tau Broadside Battlesuits and IG Heavy Weapons Teams can now target units while entrenched.
* Entrenching/transforming units no longer lose their cursor selection or key bindings when switching entities.
* Shield Drones on Fire Warrior squads now complete building while the squad is moving.
* Ranged squad stances now function properly with the rally point command.
* Simulating lag in Auto-match games will no longer give players free wins.
* Auto-match games no longer crash when holding down the left mouse button on the cancel icon while loading an auto-match game.
* Players can now target enemy troops in a replay when the Fog of War is turned off.
* The placeholder icon for the Night Bringer research in observer mode has been removed.
* Broadside Battlesuit Railgun firing animation now matches the weapon's rate of fire.
* Daemon Prince now correctly receives the bonuses of the Daemon Strength ability.
* The IG Commissar Execute ability no longer stacks.
* Fixed issue with IG Priest bonuses stacking improperly.
* Fixed issue with the Necron Summoning Core armor not functioning properly.
* Fixed a bug where Ork Armored Nobz were fighting in ranged mode instead of melee.
* Ork Tougher Bosses research now correctly increases the damage of the Warboss Power Klaw.
* Stormboy Nob leaders no longer take up pop after they are killed.
* Ork Fighting Juice ability now has a noticeable effect that lasts the entire duration of the ability.
* Pathfinders cloned with Ethereal's Holographic Projection can no longer jump.


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