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Die aktualisierte Demo v1.28 (inkl. Mini-Addon und Game-Update v1.28) des Snowboard-Spiels Stoked Rider: Alaska Alien enthält zwei "Training Challenges" spielbar als Mensch auf drei unterschiedlichen Snowboards.

- build your own weather
- build your own daytime
- alien long jump challenge
- 2 new grabs ( rocket air & tail grab)
- S.T.O.K.E.D Bonus Combo

- 128mb VRAM cards supported
- mouse-steering bug fixed
- third person camera updated
- scoring bug fixed heli-stuck-in-mountain bug fixed

Includes the following features
- Training-challenge 1 & 3
- The human character
- 3 different snowboards
- Online-ranking for challenge 1 & 3

Changelog v1.27
- fixed freestyle-scoring exploit
- added Multiplier Bonus for different tricks
- improved deep-powder particles
- added manual screen-resolution tag

Gameplay Manual
Skill-based snowboard trickstyle & racing game
Use the mouse, keyboard or Joypad to control the rider.

steering.......Mouse X-Axis
accelerate.....Mouse Button1
reduce speed...Mouse Button2

W..............Lean forward
A..............Lean left
S..............Lean backward
D..............Lean right


spin...........Mouse X-Axis
flip...........Mouse Y-Axis
indy-grab......Mouse Button1
backside-grab..Mouse Button2

example: how to score a 360-spin?
1) press SPACE while riding to build up jump-power
2) pre-spin by move mouse left or right while pressing SPACE
3) release SPACE to jump
4) watch the rider spinning (using pre-spin power) or spin on air with mouse X-axis
5) watch the landing-phase

Performance Settings

Check if your system meets the minimum requirements:

Windows: P4 1.5 Ghz CPU or Athlon XP2000, 512 MB RAM (recommended 1 GB),
9500 ATI, 5600 Nvidia GPU (OpenGL 2.0)

Internet-connection is required for multiplayer features.

be sure to have the latest drivers of your grafics card drivers from e.g. or

NOTICE: nvidia setup with multimonitor might experience game hangs -> switch to single monitor

the development team appreciates your suggestions/bug reports to be posted in the respective forums at

Enjoy your ride...


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