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Patch für Die Sims 2: Haustiere (für alle Sprachen); nicht für die digitale Download-Version

Changes in

* Custom objects will now be preserved when uploading Lots to the Exchange.
* Sim children will again show their genetically correct hair color.
* Thumbnails of uniformed NPC's will now show their current hair color.
* The Pet Adoption pool will now replenish correctly.
* Service NPC's that have died will now be replaced correctly.
* While on an outing, a waiter will now properly place food on the table after it is ordered.
* NPC thumbnails showing the "dyed" color of their hair. The NPC Maid will not longer get stuck cleaning a fish tank.
* Teens option to "Go Out" now functioning correctly.
* Birds and Womrats now require less feeding to survive. Pets now receive their pension upon retirement.
* "Dance Together" between all available age groups now working correctly.
* Children no longer levitate off ground during some interactions.
* Marry Mr. Big or the Diva will now satisfy the want to "marry a rich sim".
* The Sledgehammer tool will no longer leave deck parts when deleting decks.
* Remote businesses are now working properly. Custom objects will now be preserved when uploading Lots to the Exchange.
* Fixed an issue where pointed-ear dogs would become corrupt when moved into a lot.
* "Get a puppy" want is now satisfied when buying a puppy from a neighbor.
* Custom college lots will no longer be deleted if no Sims are living on it.
* Sims will no longer have Grand Vampire's hairstyle after being bitten by the Grand Vampire.
* Nightlife Game Tips are now correctly located in the Game Tips section.
* Influencing Sims to fight another Sim will no longer cause non-werewolf Sims to turn into a werewolf.
* Ground covers from lots can now be seen from Neighborhood view.
* "Barstool by Simulated Comfort" can now be used when 3 barstools are placed side-by-side.
* Werewolf, Vampire, and normal Sim skin types are now updating correctly at proper times.
* Graves moved to a community lot are now movable in BuyBuild Mode.
* Last member of a household can now be moved in when invited.
* Selling pets to other playable Sims now cause an exchange of Simoleans.
* "Rub Belly" want no longer appears for cats.
* Sims can now return home after visiting the Secret Society lot.
* Saved Headmaster scenario will now function correctly when Pets is installed.
* Pet houses no longer move off tile after a Pet Wohoo.
* Infants and Toddlers no longer appear in the "Invite Household" dialogue.
* Pet born of archetype breeds will no longer lose archetype attributes.
* Sims can now correctly try for baby under the maximum Sim limit.
* Cats no longer can become stuck in the litter box.
* "roofslopeangle" cheat will now function correctly.


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