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Total Commander 6.56

  • Fixed: USB stick detection from TC7 ported to TC 6.56
  • Fixed: Re-reading of Network Neighborhood on Vista could cause access violations
  • Fixed: Overlay icons not shown for font scalings other than 96 dpi (only seems to affect Vista)
  • Release Total Commander 6.56 beta 1
  • Fixed: Re-packing files from a subdirectory of a RAR archive with external unrar to another archive could corrupt the temp dir and delete the wrong files
  • Fixed: Support TortoiseSVN overlay icons also on Vista
  • Added: Include newer unrar.dll because old dll doesn't seem to handle some new rar files
  • Fixed: Some regular expressions could cause a stack overflow (infinite recursion because nothing is found) -> limit recursion depth to 2000
  • Fixed: Unpack from RAR may fail with read error for RAR files >2GB
  • Fixed: FTP client: Show *** in log file for account password (ACCT command)
  • Fixed: Unpack each archive to separate subdir not working properly if no target path was given at all


Desotho schrieb am
Total Commander > All :)
snj schrieb am
ich selbst nutze den EF Commander seit ein paar Jahren, anfangs als kostenlose Version 3.85, seit einigen Monaten die kostenpflichtige Vollversion (aktuell Version 5.85)
sowohl vom Tempo, Funktionsumfang und vor allem der Bedienung her hat sich dieser bei mir am meisten bewaehrt.
weitere mir bekannte kostenlose Alternativen die ich davor probiert hatte
MeeSoft Commander
Total Navigator
schrieb am