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Patch 1.4 für die Verkaufsversion von Defcon (nicht für die Steam-Variante)

- Cross platform compatability
  PC/Mac/Linux versions are now network compatible with each other
- AmBX support added (PC only, requires amBX hardware of course)
- City Populations game option added
    Default            : as before
    Equalised         : all cities have the same population
    Random           : all cities have random populations
    TotallyRandom  : same as Random, and random cities are chosen instead of
                              the major world cities
- Bug fixes and improvements:     
    - Very rarely a plane could crash over a ground target and effectively
      nuke it, causing population death or building destruction
    - Mods no longer disappear from list when deactivated
    - "Can't place here" circles now show when territory display is on
    - Can no longer set blank or overlong player name
    - Word wrapping algorithm improved (most obvious in the chat window)
    - The game start countdown will now abort if a player leaves
    - Attempting to set a very long username no longer crashes DEFCON
    - Removed unused "Level 8" button in Tutorial interface
    - Users can no longer join incompatible games, even if they really try


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