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Patch 1.1.1 für Battlestations: Midway

- Added version numbers to identify different game versions
- Lower bandwidth usage when playing multiplayer games
- Multiple client connections now allowed from the same IP address
- LAN connection issues fixed
- GameSpy servers no longer appear in LAN browser
- Addition of a connection-meter to the multiplayer menus
- 'Surrender' option added to the in game multiplayer menu
- The game no longer stops the Windows screensaver
- Fix for the multiplayer map 'Islands of Solomon'
- Fix for a mission-end camera issue with the multiplayer map 'Operation MI'
- Foliage trees no longer have the black outline
- Fixed an issue with the ships' flags
- The propeller on the "please wait" screen is now rolling
- The multiplayer code now includes the GameSpy NAT Negotiation feature


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