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Modifikation für die Computerintelligenz (Kampagne, Diplomatie, etc.) bei Medieval 2: Total War (Patch 1.2 muss installiert sein)

Download and execute the uai_setup.exe. After successful installation run the ultimateAI_launch.bat from your installation folder.

Changelog 1.4.1
- Bugfix in the Ultimate AI uninstaller uaiuinst.exe
- Fixed a bug in the descr_strat.txt

Changelog 1.4

- Real Combat Mod was taken out
- Added the fixes to the EDU.txt as suggested by the M2TW Lite Mod (thanks to Candelarius)
- Restricted alliances (same religion) are now optional and can be enabled through the installer
- Increased odds for Backstabbing, when AI faction has no enemies
- Introduced some random modifiers to AI decision making to reduce predictability
- Increased the aggression of powerful AI factions
- Increased the odds for excommunicated factions to get an alliance with other excommunicated factions
- AI factions now sign peace treaties!
- Further improved AI against Rebel factions
- Fixed a bug in the descr_strat.txt where faction standings would not be initialized correctly (reported by mkk)
- Added missing mercenaries.txt file (Ups!)
- Decreased the modifiers for unprovoked revolts
- Decreased the max. count of heretics
- Reduced growth penalties in descr_settlement_mechanics.xml

UAI Campaign AI

- Separate AI profiles for Papal States, Catholics, Orthodox, Muslims, Mongols (Timurids), Aztecs, and Neutrals
- AI backstabbing to alliances reduced to a reasonable minimum
- AI factions organize in lasting power blocks
- AI decision making evaluates global reputation, faction standing, situation of alliances, religion etc.
- AI invasion and defense parameter have been completely redesigned for best results
- AI attacks rebel settlements in the beginning with high priority
- AI concentrates its forces before attacking and attacks with bigger stacks
- AI defends settlements with more units
- Rebels will attack if they have the opportunity

UAI Campaign Mechanics
- Revised the faction standing at start for all factions (NOTE: This is very important for the diplomacy mechanics!)
- Tweaked victory conditions
- Balanced income for all factions
- Increased movement rates for all units
- Enabled naval landings for all factions

UAI Diplomacy

- Disabled AI alliances between islamic and christian factions, however human player can ally whoever he wants
- Only limited AI alliances between catholic and orthodox factions
- AI will help its allies, when it has the means
- Papal States will behave reasonable (for best results do not ally the Papal States)
- Special relationship between the Pope and Italian states (Venice, Milan, Sicily) - Pope will ask for help when attacked
- Catholic AI is more aggressive against exommunicated factions
- Revised faction standing mechanics to provide more subtle changes in relations between factions, rather than jumping from perfect to horrible
- Revised the value of all diplomatic offers and demands
- AI will make more counterproposals in negotiations

UAI Building Tree

- Eras by mongolwarrior (better units will be available later in the campaign)
- Balanced costs and construction times for the UAI 1t1y campaign
- Balanced bonuses and effects
- Revised the requirements for the availability of certain buildings and improvements
- New recruitment pool for better AI army composition

UAI Settlement Mechanics
- Revised all modifiers for growth, income, public order and set new thresholds
- Increased corruption, religious unrest, distance to capital penalties
- Increased high tax penalties
- Increased income from trade, decreased income from taxation and farming
- Increased garrison effect on public order
- Increased govenors influence
- New settlement tax for the human player based on the settlement level - fast expansion should be more difficult now!


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