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Patch 1.0.12 für Falcon 4.0: Allied Force

Avionics / Weapons:

  • Fixed GM radar mode to show moving as well as static targets. GMT mode still only shows moving targets.
    • GM radar mode now shows all objects but only vehicles/objects stationary are lockable. If a vehicle moves faster than km/hr , it will break lock.
    • GMT radar mode shows vehicles moving faster than few KM/hr speed threshold. They can be locked as long as they remain moving.
    • Improved Sea mode target detection ( 0+ speed threshold ).
  • Fixed Air-to-Ground radar freeze mode so that the cursor can be moved to lock contacts after freezing.


  • AGM-88 HARM set so that only one vehicle gets destroyed.
  • Frigates (Jangwei, Ulsan) will now show up on RWR with ship option enabled. Both now have some AAA/AD weapons.
  • Adjust RWR priority sensitivity on some aircraft (e.g. MiG-29 and Su-27-37 family)


  • AWACS menu fix: should fix cases where an AWACS is in the air, but from another friendly team and thus can not be accessed. They should be visible now.
  • Limit EF-18G missions to only ECM and SEAD roles.


  • Implemented auto-updater check at start-up. Options in Setup are: Always, Weekly, Monthly and Never.


  • Several CTD fixes.


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