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Total Conversion Modifikation Insurgency Beta 1 (Client) für Half-Life 2

About Insurgency...
Insurgency (INS) is a total conversion mod for Valve Software's Half-Life 2, powered by the Source Engine. INS immerses the player in an intense online combat experience. Set on the modern battlefields, Insurgency simulates infantry combat that encourages the use of teamwork and tactics to close with and destroy the enemy.

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Basic Features...
free total conversion, only Half-Life 2 and Steam required

- chain of command
commanders assign objectives and give waypoints

- morale
morale scoring system to set high value on teamplay

- customizable gameplay
"insurgency map configuration" system for server-side map customization

- reinforcement waves
unique reinforcement wave system

- depth of realism
iron sights, free aim, ricochet, bullet penetration, weapon weights, and more

- no bullsh*t hud
only see what's important, when it's important

- weapon caches
used for rearming on the battlefield, destroyable by the other team

- global stats
a simple forum signup keeps track of your stats forever

- network
a comprehensive "ins.network" will cover all your insurgency needs

Insurgency (INS) is a total conversion modification using Valve Software's Source Engine. Insurgency immerses you, as the player, into an intense and realistic online combat experience.

Set on the modern battlefields, Insurgency simulates modern infantry combat that doesn't just encourage the use of teamwork and tactics, but makes it a requirement of survival. On the streets of Iraq it is not safe to be alone. Go head to head with guerrillas, insurgents and resistance fighters, simulating the extreme conditions faced on today's battlefields.

Engage in urban warfare where every window, doorway or road block is a potential ambush point and every object on the street needs to be watched with care. Fight against the occupation from behind windows and burned cars, with your finger on the trigger and an unsuspecting patrol down the street getting ever closer. Whatever you choose to do, Insurgency is sure to get your pulse racing and make your breathing feel heavy while you engage in such a unique and original combat experience.

The Battlefield...
Insurgency will take you across the modern battlefield, engaging in intense firefights and battles as a member of either a highly organized and equipped conventional force (US Marines), or as an unconventional fighter that uses a combination of firepower and bravery to take on their sometimes overwhelming opponent (Insurgents).

Players will find themselves caught in explosive battles across Almaden, Baghdad, Haditha, Karkar and Ramadi, moving from the dusty, battered streets, to taking cover behind vehicles and inside store fronts. keep your eyes open for the enemy as you and your team seek out to accomplish the mission's objectives. Capturing ground wherever possible, pushing into the front lines and driving the enemy back.

With an urban battlefield, Strong tactics, teamwork, and leadership are essential for victory to be accomplished in the challenge of modern infantry combat. 


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