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Patch 1.2 für Overlord


* Version number reported on Title Screen.
* Invert Y-axis Mouse option added in Game Options menu.
* 30FPS cap has been removed. The game can now run at higher frame rates if your video card supports it.
* Refresh rate is set by default to the lowest available within the Configuration Tool.
* Potential desync in Multiplayer resolved. This could occur in Co-op Survival / Versus matches when Tower Objects were collected. Only affects games containing a machine with an Athlon 64 processor.
* Minions can now cross the entire length of a bridge in the Ruborian Desert while carrying a health upgrade back to a Tower Gate.
* Fixed an exploit which allowed players to forge/upgrade equipment without losing any minions.
* Melvin will now never reappear in the Halfling Party Area after he has been killed. Existing Save Games affected by this issue will also be fixed.
* The ‘Kill Kahn’ quest will now always show as completed when Khan is defeated. Existing Save Games affected by this issue will also be fixed.
* A number of additional minor / rare issues resolved
* All 1.1 fixes


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