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Patch 1.43 für die Verkaufsversion von Defcon (nicht für die Steam-Variante)

v1.43 - 2nd July 2007

- Fixed potential exploit:
Fleets could be made to sail through land masses if sent to certain
hotspots around the world. (Eg subs could sail through America).
Only the Server needs to run this fix to prevent the exploit.

- Improved the way local IP is determined. Should help people who have problems creating games on their local system.

v1.42 - 3rd May 2007

- Fixed bugs in 1.4:
-some serious performance problems related to fleet activity
-Bugs with City Assignment (negative city populations etc)
-Radar not working properly in the pacific (over the seam)
-Placing a unit over the seam sometimes caused ships to vanish
-Nuke queue counter was often wrong
-Word wrapping in the chat window could go very wrong with long strings


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