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Modifikation Desert Conflict 0.16 (Client) für Battlefield 2. Desert Conflict ist das Rivival von Desert Combat allerdings für Battlefield 2.

DCON's .16 is now ready for release to you all.. It includes some tweaks and changes.. I know you say DOOR ITS 800megs.. Yea.. you can thank the maps for such a large dl.. Anywho.. we hope you guys enjoy some of the tweaks.. let us know how it plays as always and we'll adjust from there.

So the changelog is as follows:

All tracked vehicles have updated physics

Removed HUD targets for bombers for m1 and t90

Zpu tweaks

Jump height increased some

Domination mode defibs don't revive

El Alamein: fixed air density

Desert Sabre:
* added conquest/16
* fixed domination/16

Domination addedto Nuclear Power Plant

Close Quarters objective mode: changed objectives to coalition defending

fixes for compatibility issues and lag


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