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Patch für nahezu alle Sprachversionen (u.a. deutsche oder englische Variante) von Stronghold 2 auf Version 1.4

Upgrade Stronghold 2 to v1.4 with this patch


  • Various multiplayer gameplay optimizations
  • Real-Time Shadows, Bloom, Anisotropic Filtering and Anti-aliasing implemented.
  • Map transfer in multiplayer lobby implemented.

Game Balancing

  • Fire ballistae no longer auto fire, and targets must be selected manually (does not apply to tower mounted ballistae)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed multiple troops pushing ladders off walls repeatedly.
  • Fixed bug which allowed tower mounted siege equipment to be built whilst an enemy was in close proximity.
  • Auto-scrolling chat in multiplayer game lobby now fixed.
  • Fixed exploit where food could be sold repeatedly during periods of latency in multiplayer games.
  • Various other bug and crash fixes


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