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Patch v1.0 auf v1.1 für die Battlefield 2142 Modifikation First Strike

-Server overhead has now been reduced so your servers will run much smoother
-CTD bugs: We have eliminated several major ones but there may still be more. Any feedback is welcome if your server crashes
-Memory Leak has been fixed
-Some scopes have been improved for visibility
-All maps have been optimized more for better performance
-Mos Espa minimap is now accurate and includes a pushmap indicator to show players which flags can be taken and in what order.
-Various visual details have been improved as well as other minor fixes
-Various wallhacks addressed for all Endor rocks as well as some Mos Espa buildings
-Escape from Hoth Beacon radius doubled
-Mos Espa Assault landspeeder fixed for some errors as well as increased armor and improved camera visibility while gunner is operating the gun
-Rebel trooper uav droid recoded to be like the imperial version
-EMP is more effective now
-Anti Spawn Camp under ISD hanger


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