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Die Modifikation Classic Doom 3 (v1.3.1 Final) portiert das klassische D**m auf die Doom 3-Engine.

Classic Doom 3 - Version 1.0

Run the installation EXE file.
Point the install directory as your standard Doom 3 game location

c:\program files\doom 3\

The install shield will remove all files on un-install.
Delete the folder "cdoom" to remove remaning settings from your Doom 3 directory.

Once installed, select "Classic Doom 3" from the mod menu in-game.

//Known Bugs
-On map restart during deathmatch, player model can be seen through the hud, obscuring the players view

//Update History
Version 1.0 - Public release
-Added deathmatch support to all maps
-Improved weapon placement for deatmatch mode
-Modified play-area for E1M6 (deathmatch mode)
-Modified play-area for E1M7 (deathmatch mode)
-Added E1M9 music to replace Classic Doom 3 theme
-Added multiplayer menu's to custom menu
-Fixed many bugs in all aspects of the mod
-All music remastered for higher quality sound
-Fixed many bugs related to cinematic playback
-Added custom Doom player model for cinematics & deathmatch
-Added custom skins for Doom player model in deathmatch

Beta 0.90 - Internal release
-Added E1M6
-Added E1M7
-Added E1M8
-Added E1M4 Remake
-Added E1M6 Music
-Added E1M7 Music
-Added E1M8 Music
-Added intro cinematic
-Added ending cinematic
-Increased chaingun fire rate
-Decreased chaingun damage per bullet
-Decreased shotgun damage per pellet
-Added custom sounds for weapons
-Added custom sounds for item pickups
-Added deathmatch support via DLL

Beta 0.56 - Public release
-Added custom DLL to control health-vial pickups
-Added GUI fix for custom theme music

Beta 0.55 - Internal release
-Fixed bugs in E1M2
-Fixed bugs in E1M5
-Fixed bugs in E1M9
-Resolved chaingun ammo bug with HUD

Beta 0.50 - Internal release
-Added E1M2
-Added E1M5
-Added E1M9
-Added E1M1 Music
-Added E1M2 Music
-Added E1M3 Music
-Added E1M4 Music
-Added E1M5 Music
-Added Theme Music
-Finalised E1M1 (bug fixes)
-Finalised E1M3 (bug fixes)
-Finalised E1M4 (bug fixes)
-Added new GUI
-Added custom chaingin
-Added custom rocket launcher
-Increased chaingun fire rate
-Decreased chaingun bullet damage
-Decreased Shotgun accuracy
-Decreased Pistol damage
-Added red key
-Added spectre (used with permission from Doom Chronicles modification)

Alpha 0.25 Coverdisk edition
-Fixed stamina on E1M3
-Fixed stamina on E1M4
-Slight graphical alterations on E1M4
-Fixed EXE installer bug

Alpha 0.25
-Game now loads from Gui, no more need for "map e1m1" command.
-E1M1 bugs fixed
-E1M3 bugs fixed
-E1M4 bugs fixed
-Chaingun ammo now correctly displayed
-Crash on backpack pickup resolved
-Resolved "low ammo" flashing error due to lack of reload in Cdoom
-Altered weapon damage for pistol
-Altered weapon damage for shotgun
-Health stops at 100 for standard stimpacks and medikits

Alpha 0.20
-Finalisation of E1M1
-Update of E1M3
-Update of E1M4
-Definition clean up
-Removal of ammo-clip crash bug
-Monsters do not drop pistols

Alpha 0.19 - Internal Release
-Installer tested
-Update of E1M1
-Addition of E1M3
-Addition of E1M4
-Alteration of movement speed
-Custom item models

Alpha 0.12
-Reworking of E1M1
-Alteration of movement speed and hud

Alpha 0.1
-Internal creation of E1M1


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