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Zweiter Patch für UFO: Extraterrestrials (nur für die deutsche Version)

Fixed issues
- Fixed sound releated crash when loading tactical mission.
- Fixed random crash when game starts.
- Fixed transfer of damaged/not fueled ships on globe.
- Soldier can gain more than 1 level in 1 mission.
- Reduced probability of destruction of base defences.
- Fixed game over screen in some situations.
- Fixed duplicate names of ships when production and transfer are finished at the
same time.
- Fixed crash after quick load in mission.

Game improvements
- Added Added support for graphics cards without hardware vertex shaders (e.g. Intel

Contains also all fixes from previous patch.

UFO: Extraterrestrials Patch 1  (version 070530)

Fixed issues
-Inventory crash caused by overlapping items
-Inventory crash in non default resolutions
-Inventory crash when adding units to transport
-Crash on globe when ship starts from base
-Crash in mission after game restart from settings menu
-Corrupted save caused by supply ship flying to alien base
-Corrupted save with in mission items on the ground
-Production finance calculations, which caused waste of all moneys in some situations
-Corrupted save after ship was sold
-Unfinished mission loading in some special cases
-Indestructible alien units after destruction of near doors
-Empty hangar calculations during ship transfer

Game improvements
* extended settings
   - multiple resolution support, 1024*768 and higher, windowed mode
   - controls for speed of in mission units
   - controls for in mission bullets and scrolling speed
   - control for camera behavior
* autosave support
   - game is saved into special slot before and after each mission and at the start of each game month
* increased selling price of most items  
* extended damage of base defenses
* units move faster and smoother in missions
* added hotkeys

Hotkeys on globe:
1, SPACE - Set time control to Real
2 - Set time control to 20 min
3 - Set time control to 1 hour
4 - Set time control to 1 Day

F1 - Ufopedia
F2 - Build new base
F3 - Go to base
F4 - Intercept
F5 - Monthly report
F6, ESCAPE - Options

R - Research
P - Production
C - Centaurus
S - Soldiers

Mouse wheel - Zoom globe

Hotkeys in mission:
SPACE - Stop current unit's action
ENTER - End turn
LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN ARROWS - Scroll tactical map
ADD (NUMKEY) - Zoom in
MULTIPLY (NUMKEY) - Reset zoom
Mouse wheel - Increase/decrease current map level

N, [ - Select previous unit
M, ] - Select next unit
A, DELETE - Kneel/stand
Z, INSERT - Activate item in left hand
X, HOME - Activate item in right hand
W, PAGE UP - Move unit up on the elevator
S, PAGE DOWN - Move unit down on the elevator
I - Inventory screen
H - Health screen

ESCAPE - Context dependent: enter main menu, close inventory/health screen, end shooting mode

Global hotkeys:
F8 - Quicksave (uses save slot 10)
F12 - Quickload (uses save slot 10)


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