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Patch für die deutsche Version vom Radsport Manager Pro 2007

Fix-List: Quote
To take full advantage of all corrections and changes, we would advise that you start a new career.

* Correction to bug on Giro 2008 : the stage number 4 is now considered a flat stage instead a mountain one.
* Correction to bug on creation of young amateur riders (same surname/forename)
* Refinements to allocation of new budget.
* The income from the sale of a rider is now added to transfer funds.
* Correction to bug which could prevent a significant improvement in budget after being promoted.
* Refinements to appreciation of contract offers. The rider takes a little less account of his morale in order to accept more easily offers from other teams.
* Refinements to contracts : it is now possible to recruit good riders when managing a continental team that will be promoted at the end of the season.
* Refinements to the influence of the status given in race simulations. Rider morale drops more easily if race status does not correspond to status in contract.
* Corrections to a message that, in some cases, could block a player.
* Correction to a bug in the monthly awards on the Magazine tab
* Refinement to "Fighter" attribute generated for young amateur riders.
* Adjustments to simulations : a few more gaps created during hilly stages
* Scouts with a "Mythical" reputation give more exact feedback on a rider's potential

* Correction to display of budget for past year on the 15th October financial statement.


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