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Englische Demo zur Strategic Command 2 Expansion Weapons and Warfare mit zwei Kampagnen (die Vollversion von Strategic Command 2 ist für die Demo nicht erforderlich):

This demo includes two playable campaigns, Fall Weiss which depicts the German invasion of Poland and Wacht Am Rhein, better known as the Battle of the Bulge. Multiplayer modes are disabled in the demo but both campaigns are playable against the AI as either the Axis or Allied side.

Weapons and Warfare incorporates a huge list of new features frequently asked for by the fan community, including a bigger world map, new units, enhanced naval movement and combat rules, a deeper weather model, additional terrain types and resources, the simulation of roads and railways and a greatly extended editor with the ability to add in scripted Image and Sound events and much more.

If you enjoy the demo, go ahead and Pre-Order the full Expansion (or the Strategic Command 2 Bundle Pack) using the links to the left.

Note: The demo does NOT require that you already have Strategic Command 2 Blitzkreig installed and licensed on your computer, but the full version does.


We have indentified an issue with some older video cards (Radeon x800 and Radeon x850 although others might also be affected) which results in extremely slow game performance when the games resolution is set to any 32 bit color mode. The fix is easy, simply select 16 bit color mode for the resolution that wish from within the games "Settings" panel (ex: 1680x1050x16). You will not notice any visual differences between 16 bit and 32 bit color mode in the game at all.


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