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Patch 1.1 für TimeShift

This update is for all versions of TimeShift and brings it up to v1.1:
- Fixed preview picture of character model showing all of the models at the same time
- Fixed multiplayer issue when switching Surge gun with another weapon
- Fixed grid-like artifacts when Distortion Effects and DOF set to On at 1920x1080 resolution
- Fixed multiplayer issue where player can be inside the cargo containers
- Fixed a multiplayer bug that allows infinite grenades
- Fixed clipping issue in the sentry room on level 1
- Fixed a crash after quick load on level 2
- Fixed a maphole in multiplayer Map 13
- Fixed Time Shield distortion effect
- Improved multiplayer performance
- Fixed some localization strings
- Fixed ZF2 nonprogression at start position
- Fixed King of Time incorrect timer bug
- Fixed some UI issues
- Fixed memory leaks
- Fixed multiplayer issue where last player goes to spectator when failed to join full server
- Fixes and improvements to network driver
- Fixed alt-tab crash in multiplayer
- Visual improvements to the grass
- Fixed video setting issue


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