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Patch v2.103 für Company of Heroes und Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts (deutsche Version v2.102 muss installiert sein)

Patch 2.103

- Corrected a validation problem that exists on North American released copies of CoH: Game of the Year.
- Fixed an occasional crash that would happen on quad-core CPU's.

- Fixed a bug in the Infantry Combat System that was causing inconsistent application of priority system.
- Fixed a modifier in the church steeple that was enabling snipers to fire at drastically increased rates.
- Fixed British infantry invincibility when capturing and reinforcing heavy weapons (Machine guns, mortars etc.)
- Axis Knights Cross Holders have abilities arranged so that both Assault and Fire Panzerfaust are usable from the command panel.

Patch 2.102

- Players now get distributed to teams evenly as they join.
- Fixed some P2P Sync issues.
- Fixed an error in the way stats were counting.
- Stats are now displaying correctly.

- Fixed CD-key validation errors.
- Environmental Reverb is now disabled by default for hyper threaded machines.

- Fixed Overwatch.
- Combat system updates: System reverted to COH infantry combat.
- Vet 3 Ostwind receives a 40% boost to accuracy.
- Wehrmacht Panzer Command Building reduced 15 fuel.
- Wehrmacht Panzer Command build time increased by 15s
- Knights' Cross Holders receive Panzerfaust ability at Vet 3
- Panther cost reduced from 140 fuel to 125 fuel
- Panzerfausts cost reduced to 35
- Stugs and StuHs receive a 15% health modifier at vet 2
- Wehrmacht Halftracks receive damage modifier at Vet 1 decreased from .85 to .75
- Wehrmacht Halftracks deliver 20% more damage Vet 2
- Vet 2 StuH has a received penetration modifier of .85
- Churchill Crocodile Flamethrower range increased from 20 to 35
- Churchill Crocodile Flamethrower damage output increased vs pinned (1.5 damage, 2x accuracy) and suppressed targets (1.25 damage).
- Sniper rifles accuracy vs trench cover increased from .25 to .45
- Reduced cost of Allied MG nest by 5 fuel.
- Ranger Veterancy experience requirements increased to 14/28/50
- British Howitzer Popcap reduced to 10 from 12.
- BAR damage increased to .4 versus Panzer Elite soldiers.
- Puma234 Armoured Car Vet 2 range bonus reduced to 1.125 from 1.2
- Nebelwerfer Vet 3 damage reduced to 1.15 from 1.25.


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