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Total Conversion (Modifikation) Insurgency Beta 2 (Client) für Half-Life 2

About Insurgency...
Insurgency (INS) is a total conversion mod for Valve Software's Half-Life 2, powered by the Source Engine. INS immerses the player in an intense online combat experience. Set on the modern battlefields, Insurgency simulates infantry combat that encourages the use of teamwork and tactics to close with and destroy the enemy.

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Basic Features...
free total conversion, only Half-Life 2 and Steam required

- chain of command
commanders assign objectives and give waypoints

- morale
morale scoring system to set high value on teamplay

- customizable gameplay
"insurgency map configuration" system for server-side map customization

- reinforcement waves
unique reinforcement wave system

- depth of realism
iron sights, free aim, ricochet, bullet penetration, weapon weights, and more

- no bullsh*t hud
only see what's important, when it's important

- weapon caches
used for rearming on the battlefield, destroyable by the other team

- global stats
a simple forum signup keeps track of your stats forever

- network
a comprehensive "ins.network" will cover all your insurgency needs

Insurgency (INS) is a total conversion modification using Valve Software's Source Engine. Insurgency immerses you, as the player, into an intense and realistic online combat experience.

Set on the modern battlefields, Insurgency simulates modern infantry combat that doesn't just encourage the use of teamwork and tactics, but makes it a requirement of survival. On the streets of Iraq it is not safe to be alone. Go head to head with guerrillas, insurgents and resistance fighters, simulating the extreme conditions faced on today's battlefields.

Engage in urban warfare where every window, doorway or road block is a potential ambush point and every object on the street needs to be watched with care. Fight against the occupation from behind windows and burned cars, with your finger on the trigger and an unsuspecting patrol down the street getting ever closer. Whatever you choose to do, Insurgency is sure to get your pulse racing and make your breathing feel heavy while you engage in such a unique and original combat experience.

The Battlefield...
Insurgency will take you across the modern battlefield, engaging in intense firefights and battles as a member of either a highly organized and equipped conventional force (US Marines), or as an unconventional fighter that uses a combination of firepower and bravery to take on their sometimes overwhelming opponent (Insurgents).

Players will find themselves caught in explosive battles across Almaden, Baghdad, Haditha, Karkar and Ramadi, moving from the dusty, battered streets, to taking cover behind vehicles and inside store fronts. keep your eyes open for the enemy as you and your team seek out to accomplish the mission's objectives. Capturing ground wherever possible, pushing into the front lines and driving the enemy back.

With an urban battlefield, Strong tactics, teamwork, and leadership are essential for victory to be accomplished in the challenge of modern infantry combat. 

Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat Beta 2 Changelog:

Changes to the VGUI/HUD:

" Allegiance screen implemented: Selection screen (Team, Squad and Class, with 3D visualization of the player model and weapon selected).
" Armory screen implemented - now able to select multiple weapons for certain Classes and customize your character's appearance.
" New overhead map implemented - displays your Objectives and the position of your team mates.
" New HUD elements that will help you navigate to the Objectives.
" Objective HUD indicator - at a quick glance, shows the location and status of the objectives, as well as the position of your Squad Leader. It can also be turned off by default, and access it only when it's needed.

" New weapons: AKS-74U, M4 with Forward Pistol Grip, Al-Kadesiah, SKS.
" Certain classes now have multiple weapons to choose from in the Armory screen.
" M203 now reloads all the 40mm grenades on Marine's load-out.
" M249 skin/model updated.
" FNFAL has been renamed to L1A1, since it is a semi-automatic model.
" Movement speed with iron sights fixed.
" Aiming with all weapons has been fixed.
" Weapon: recoil, damage, POA, POI have all been tweaked.
" Fixed the bug where grenades sometimes didn't make sound after bouncing off objects
" A primed grenade will now explode if you die.
" Class load-out adjusted.
" Damage system has been improved.

New Features:
" Insurgency will now support third-party TK protection systems, and will come with one in the default installation.
" Re-Styling and re-skinning throughout the game.
" Commander promotion system. Commander is no longer a different class.
" You no longer have to hit the forward key before being able to sprint.
" New Class Added: Sergeant/Militant - With access to better weapons and equipment, this class will be good for experienced players that can turn the tide of the battle. Their loadout will allow them to lead a squad of 4 men to the frontline and provide them with cover fire and smoke screens. They will be able to choose between the M4A1 with vertical grip and the M4 with Aimpoint (USMC) and the AKS74U or L1A1 (Insurgents). There will be 4 Sergeants/Militants in every 16-players team.
" Fast Switching. You can use the number keys to change your weapon.
" New tips added to the map loading screens.
" Added 2 short Intro videos.

New Loadouts:
The objective of the new loadouts is to reflect realistic loadouts as much as possible while keeping gameplay interesting. Attention has been paid to all recommendations given by the INS community on "realistic loadouts" topics, especially from those of you with combat experience. Cooperation between classes will be basic to provide covering fire and smoke curtains, etc.

" All the maps have been revised and tweaked wherever necessary.
" New Map: INS_Samawah - night urban map.
" Improved spawn protection areas where necessary.
" INS_Haditha - New underground environment, many new pathways.
" INS_Hillah - many improvements.
" INS_Karkar - Expanded tunnel system near Bravo. Multiple pathways now to Charlie.
" INS_Sinjar - Alpha & Bravo areas completely redone.

The following is a description of all major improvements/changes in the existing maps:
Due to the amount of changes done to the maps, we thought the best would be to get the level designers themselves to write a list of their changes. This is the result.

" Several performance tweaks to increase framerate.
" Spawn protections for USMC and INS

" Added extra tunnels for objective B and a sniper position near USMC spawn.
" Improved spawn protection at USMC start position.

" Added USMC spawn protection and clipped some balcony's that were exploited.

" Removed a sign reading "Allah" from the map.
" Smoothed movement throughout the map.
" Removed some artificial barriers (invisible walls).
" Better placement of some props.

" Added major underground route from team spawns to objective B.
" Smoothed movement throughout the map, no more getting stuck on objects you shouldn't.
" Better placement of props to encourage street engagements.
" Revised all objectives for better defense.
" Players are now protected against spawn killing.

" Spawn protections.
" Extra clipping to help smooth out movement in certain places.
" Objectives are better recognizable and make more sense.
" Revised the 'bridge base(Bravo)'. It's now also possible to access it.
" Performance increase overall: also in and around the village.
" Added more exit routes from the bunker.
" Objective Delta is now the Radar Station.
" Relocated some spawnpoints to avoid spawn camping.
" Added a new route to objective Alpha.
" Added ambience sounds.

" Spawn protection entities.
" Added buildings in front of the ins spawn to block a direct line of sight and to prevent camping the spawn exits.
" Added a 2nd floor room in the ins spawn to kill anyone attempting to spawn camp (only accesible by ins team)
" Modified the route leading directly to Alpha from the ins spawn
" Added a shop that can be entered next to Alpha on the ins side
" Tweaked cover at Alpha
" Added a shop that can be entered next to Alpha on the USMC side (a lot further from the objective than the one opened for the ins team)
" Modified the mall interior (looks more mall-like now)
" Tweaked cover at Bravo and added more tree plant pot things.
" Changed the shop near the mall exit leading to Charlie. Boarded up a lot of the windows and added a delivery truck and crates to act as cover.
" Created an exit from the car part leading up to the terrace where Charlie is.
" Tweaked cover at Charlie.
" Added a 2nd floor to the shop next to Charlie overlooking the objective.
" Added some signs on the walls at Charlie to block the direct line of sight when in the new 2nd floor room.
" Tweaked the left USMC exit so that the enemy is a sitting duck if they come anywhere near it.
" Tweaked cover all over the map (this list will be 5 pages long if i wrote all the changes).
" Added more detail to the whole map (another 5 pages if I write all of it).
" And just because ritual noticed it, I removed the slide, added a VW van and added nice yellow lines to the carpark.

Other Fixed Issues:
" The scoring system should now work properly.
" Player viewheight is fixed.
" Fixed loading Screen shows map info of LASTMAP instead of NEXTMAP.
" Fixed the bug where dead players/bodies could capture objectives.
" Fixed spawning inside other players.
" All objectives are now listed in the commander's menu.
" Fixed several reported crashes.
" Grenadier is now scoring correctly. No more negative points for kills.

Known Issues:
" The objective indicator system does not allow the compass to be hidden. The "Cycle Indicators" key will only alternate between displaying the new objective indicators permanently and display them only when needed.
" On round start, all player classes and weapon selections are randomly assigned. You will always start the round as a random class with a random weapon regardless of what you were using before. At the next respawn, players can select any weapon and player class they want. This is a feature, not a bug, and it's intended to prevent abuse of certain classes and weapons, and to provide all players with a fair chance to use all the weapons and classes in-game.
" There might be some small inadequacies between the compass and the new indicator system.
" Under some resolutions, text on the loading screen might appear slighly offset. However, it's still readable (only last letter partially affected).
" Loading VGUI might not be used sometimes when changing maps.
" Commanders are not able to resign. They will have to wait until the end of the round.
" Players are able to reload while sprinting - this feature will be removed in a future patch. New animations are being done (next incremental update) to show that sprinting cancels your reload process. Until then, this feature could cause strange bugs -disappearing rockets or ammo- because it's hard for the player to tell when the reloading process has been completed in the heat of the battle. Hence, we decided to let people reload while sprinting to prevent those bugs from happening.
" Bipod deployment on some surfaces/locations might fail and require several attempts.
" RPG Rockets can still sometimes go through player models and/or some objects.
" Alternative Ironsights Mode doesn't work properly with the RPG-7.
" Some objects like scaffoldings on some maps are inmune to bullet penetration.
" If you make any changes on the options screen, make sure you don't hit the ESCAPE key. Hitting the ESC key will crash or freeze INS. Hitting "apply" and then "ok" works without problems. As long as the options screen is not visible, you can press ESC to return to the game.


n8mahr schrieb am
wenn man sich die liste der änderungen und neuigkeiten so anschaut.. ich glaube, ich versuche nochmal, mich da einzuarbeiten.. denn arbeit ist es allemal. nie bin ich bei einem spiel bzw ner mod häufiger "gestorben" ohne zu wissen, warum.. :oops:
das man es aber nicht sofort in die ecke schmeisst, liegt daran, dass es einfach gut gemacht ist !
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