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Patch 1.01 für Strategic Command 2: Weapons and Warfare

The 124 meg sized patch includes the following changes, fixes and improvements.

* Fixed an AI destroyer unit combat error
* Fixed an AI upgrade unit error
* Fixed an animation replay error
* Fixed a MINOR country Corps purchase error
* Paratroops that are preparing and engineers that are fortifying are no longer hidden under FoW
* Subs caught in sea ice no longer raid convoy lanes until sea ice clears
* Subs now use the following rules:

o Sub can pass through hidden enemy units except for a Destroyer under FoW
o Sub cannot attack convoy lanes

o Sub cannot pass through hidden enemy units under FoW
o Sub can attack convoy lanes

Note: a Sub will dive (if a dive is successful) when attacked and move away under either Silent or Hunt mode

* Transfer of capitals now reduces that country's morale the same as it would if an ally were to surrender
* Transfer of capitals now increase occupier's morale the same as it would if it forced the surrender of a country
* Any country that has a capital transferred to a disconnected area loses its current production/queue items (complete wipe out) unless the transfer location is connected to the current location of the capital (pre-transfer) or to any of the Industrial Center locations for that country
* Fixed a script handling error for #CONDITION_POSITIONs
* Fixed a Paratroop glider sound error when playing under Military unit icons mode
* Fixed a Paratroop drop and new unit selection error when Fortifications are destroyed or a Paratroop unit takes landing casualties
* Surprise encounters will now only apply the 'Hidden Attacker Readiness Bonus' to decrease attacker losses and not to also increase defender losses as was previously the case
* Fixed an 'add_unit' bug when minors are activated
* Fixed a resource mpp calculation error that did not include Fortresses if a value was assigned to them
* Fixed a bug where custom combat supply loss values via the Editor were not being read in game
* Fixed the military unit bitmaps to show some differentiation between tactical bombers and strategic bombers
* Replaced Manstein with Bittrich in the Wacht Am Rhein scenario
* Removed all incorrect references to O'Conner in the 1939 and 1940 campaigns and replaced them with O'Connor
* Fixed a SURRENDER_2 script error for the surrender of Italy
* Added several new Axis Middle East OFFENSIVE events
* Added several new Axis Middle East TRANSPORT events
* Added several new Axis Middle East GARRISON events
* Added several new ACTIVATION#3 events
* Added #PRODUCTION_LOST= entry to localization.txt
* Fixed a Polish campaign victory condition error
* Fixed several Spanish Civil War campaign errors
* Updated Manual with several new entries regarding the changes in Weapons and Warfare


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