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Kostenlose Vollversion 1.0.2 des Top-Down-Shooters Kong, in dem sich schwerbewaffnete Affen gegenseitig ans Leder gehen (Screenshots, offizielle Website)

Gameplay changes

    * Changed default map cycle
    * Player doesn't move up and down so much when running, this minimises aiming problems with rocket launcher and shock rifle
    * Portals are no longer restricted by team color in team deathmatch mode
    * Shock rifle beam and shock ball graphics updated
    * Players can no longer pickup weapons they possess if their ammo is full
    * Bots can now see further, should be roughly equivalent to a human player
    * Players no longer collide with roof blocks, making movement around edges of the roof easier

New features

    * Added autocomplete when using rcon
    * Added show_net_graph command
    * Projectiles and players are now smoothed on client machine to make their movement appear less jerky
    * Added volume control setting to GUI and console
    * Weapon names are displayed in key binding menu
    * Added a muzzle flash perpendicular to gun barrel
    * Implemented NAT punchthrough to increase chances of being able to connect to servers behind NATs without port forwarding
    * Server output from remote console commands are forwarded back to the client
    * Add message popup when server is full or invalid password is given
    * Add notification when new version is available
    * Added HUD display for TDM scores
    * Added list_players, kick and ban console commands
    * Added an intro screen and re-organised some of the menus
    * Shock rifle beam synchronisation improved on client
    * Player names are now colored according to skin in deathmatch mode
    * Items float up and down when on spawn
    * Added bot_fill console command to automatically add-remove bots to keep number of players constant
    * Added messages when players join/change teams
    * Password protected servers are now colored red when selected and have * after the name
    * "map" console command now takes a second parameter setting the game mode
    * Changed mouse cursor graphics


    * Updated maps: dm-ship and dm-tikra
    * New maps: dm-ender and dm-cell

Bug fixes

    * Shock ball now always explodes on client machine
    * Optimised dedicated server to use less resources
    * Bots are now visible on client after changing map
    * Bots on client machine are removed when connecting to another server
    * Optimised networking and updated to v1.1 of enet
    * Game time is now synchronised better between client and server
    * Time limit no longer causes the map to change in the map editor
    * Game should no longer crash when shader not supported for shock rifle decal effect
    * Synchronisation of player blocking should now be better between client and server

Game Details
Kong is a freeware top-down shooter game featuring monkeys with a thirst for blood in a full 3D environment. The rules are simple, pick up as many health/armor packs and weapons as you can before blowing your enemies into smithereens. The game currently features three game modes including deathmatch, team deathmatch and capture the flag with plans to introduce a number of new game modes. Computer controlled bots are provided as target practise but the real fun comes from playing in multiplayer over a local area network or the internet.

Gameplay modes
Death match
Compete against the other players to get as many frags as possible.

Team death match
Team version of the classic death match mode, in this mode you are restricted to killing players in the opposite team. The team with the most overall frags wins.

Capture the flag
This is a team based mode where each team tries to capture the enemy team's flag. Team coordination is required to ensure the home flag is kept safe while the offensive group strips the enemy of their flag. A point is scored when the enemy flag is returned home safely.

The default controls are listed below but can be customised through the settings menu to suit personal preference:

A,S,D,W - Move in the desired direction
R - Reload weapon
Q - Drop weapon
1,2,3,4,5,6 - Switch between available weapons
Left mouse - Primary fire
Space, Right mouse - Jump
Middle mouse - Alternate fire (only used for certain weapons)
Y, Enter - Send chat message
Tab - Show scoreboard
Mouse wheel - Next/previous weapon
Jumping off walls
Most of the controls are fairly self-explanatory however jumping off walls is perhaps not. This technique can be used to gain access to areas that are not accessible from a single jump. To do it run towards a wall and before getting to the wall tap the jump key, then when in contact with the wall tap the jump key again. With a little practise this move is easy to pull off. Once you have mastered it try experimenting combining this with the primary fire of the katana.

The weapon of choice for close-up combat, other than its ability to mutilate foes it also allows you to reach otherwise unreachable locations. While wielding this weapon, your monkey will gain ninja-like abilities including reflexes capable of deflecting bullets (by holding alt-fire and facing towards the bullets).

Machine gun
This is your standard point and squeeze death dealing machine. If you see a second one of these lying around you can pick it up and deal twice as much death.

Good for pumping lead into your close range targets, the shotgun can be a serious health hazard when timed effectively.

Banana cocktail
The destructive power of the banana should not be underestimated, after lighting this bad boy up you best dispense of it is as quickly as possible. There are two modes to this weapon, the first is explode on contact (primary fire) while the second (alt fire) will only explode once the fuse expires (after about 4 seconds).

Rocket launcher
The rocket launcher is the ideal weapon for taking pot shots from above. It is also one of the most risky weapons to use as rockets often end up exploding in the wielder's face when used carelessly.

Shock rifle
The shock rifle is probably the most difficult weapon to master. The primary fire shoots laser beams causing burns, the secondary fire will launch a slow-moving volatile ball of energy. Both fire modes will cause damage but are most deadly when combined. Shooting at the energy ball with the laser beam will cause a massive explosion taking out any nearby enemies with it.

Health packs
The health packs come in 4 different flavours: small (5), medium (20), big (50) and mega (100). All of which will heal your wounds, however the small and mega health packs will boost your health up past the 100 mark and up to a maximum of 150.

You will find armored vests (70) and helmets (30) lying around, these will help protect you from the dangers of everyday life. Inevitably their effectiveness is reduced after wear and tear, but fear not because they can be repaired by picking up armor repair kits (10). Note however that the armor repair kits are useless unless you already have armor to repair.

Interactive blocks
Portals are your gateway to quickly reach far away locations in the map. Entrance portals will teleport you to another portal of the same color while exit-only portals serve only as a destination. In deathmatch mode all players can use any of the portals available however in team based games (CTF) the red and blue portals are restricted to the respective teams.

Jump pads
Jump pads allow you to move around the map faster and jump up to high platforms. There are three types of pads that will project you at various speeds and altitudes, the direction of which is illustrated on the pad itself.

Some projectiles can be sent through portals and bounced of jump pads to suprise fleeing enemies.

Map editor
If you are bored of the existing maps or have a great idea for a new map, feel free to create your own with the in-built user-friendly map editor.

It is intuitive to use, but to get you started here is a little guide on how to use it:

Click on New map and enter the dimensions of the map in the pop-up dialog box (Don't worry too much about getting the size exactly right, as it can always be resized later).
You should be left with a blank canvas, in order to insert blocks simple select them from the menu on the left and insert them by clicking at the location in the map. Blocks can be rotated by clicking the right mouse button and removed by pressing delete.
When finished click on Save Map and enter a suitable map name. The naming convention is to put either dm- or ctf- before the map name to identify what game mode the map is intended for.
Sometimes when you are editing a map you may make a mistake. Either by adding unwanted blocks or worse deleting blocks you didn't intend to delete. This is where the Undo/Redo feature comes in handy. Simply press ctrl + z to undo the last action as many times as you like. If you went to far, you can press ctrl + y or shift + z to redo anything you undid.

As well as the user interface, there is a console which can be used to type various commands. You will not normally need to use this, however some control freaks may find these useful. In order to bring down the console press the ~ key.

For a full list of console commands available type help in the console. There is a handy auto-complete feature which allows you to simply type the first part of a console command and pressing tab will complete the rest for you. If there is more than 1 possible match for the console command it will complete up to the point where matches are the same. Pressing tab again will list the matches found.

Some console commands have a help option where the usage is not obvious. For example connect help will give you a list of parameters that are accepted by the connect command.

A few commands that may be useful are listed below:

Client-side commands
connect - Allows you to connect to a multiplayer game directly given the IP address and optionally port and password. This is useful if the game doesn't show up in the list of games in the GUI. Example: connect pass=secret, note that the port and password can be omitted if the default port is used and no password is required.
name - Change your name. Example: name McLovin
show_fps - Show the FPS on-screen. Example: show_fps 1
version - See what version of Kong is running
auto_switch - Automatically select the weapon when picked up. Example: auto_switch 1

Server-side commands
add_bot - Add a bot to a specific team or to the team with least players if none specified. Example: add_bot blue
remove_bot - Remove a bot, similar to add_bot. Example: remove_bot red
restart_round - Reset score/frags back to 0 and respawn all players
friendly_fire - Switch friendly-fire on/off. Example friendly_fire 1
time_limit - Set the amount of time before changing map (in minutes)
capture_limit - Set the number of times a team needs to capture the flag to win
map - Change map. Example map dm-tikra
game_mode - Change between game modes (deathmatch, capture the flag, etc&). Example game_mode ctf
Remote console
It is also possible to issue server-side console commands from the client provided access is granted. To prevent malicious use a password must be set, this is known as the rcon password. There are two ways to set this password, typically the client will set it with the rcon_password console command while the server's rcon password will be set in the server.cfg file (look for RconPassword= under section [General]). Provided the client and server rcon passwords match the client can issue commands on the server by typing rcon followed by the command. e.g. typing rcon friendly_fire 0 from the client will switch friendly fire off on the server. If the rcon password is left blank on the server then this feature will be disabled.

Playing Kong with your friends either over a LAN or the internet is easy. One player should create a server (usually the one with the fastest connection and most powerfull machine) while the other players look for it in the list of servers. The server will appear provided that the computers are either all on the same local area network or all connected to the internet. In some cases the server may appear but clients are unable to connect; This is most likely because the server is behind a NAT (one internet connection shared between several computers through a router) or has a firewall enabled. In the case of a NAT it is necessary to configure the router to forward UDP network traffic to the server computer on the port the server is running (the default port is 5454).


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