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Demo-Version der StarCraft-Mod "Project Revolution" für WarCraft 3: The Frozen Throne mit Terranern

Voraussetzungen: Die englischen Versionen von StarCraft und StarCraft: Brood War sowie Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne müssen installiert sein (auch auf dem aktuellen Patch-Stand) - ob nicht-englische Versionen mit dem Installationsprogramm von Project Revolution funktionieren, ist bisher unklar. Windows Vista wird nicht unterstützt.


  • Stacraft + Broodwar installed
  • Warcraft III + The Frozen Throne installed
  • Installed Warcraft TFT 1.21 patch
  • Starcraft original CD in drive
  • Run Project Revolution installer
  • Type letters when it asks you, then choose folder ( doesn't matter where )
  • Take out SC original CD and put in TFT cd and run executable. ( in the folder you choose )

1. It won't install?

First make Sure Install.exe and Revolution .mpq are in the same directory. Secondly SC CD must be in the CD Drive with Scand BW already installed on the computer.

2. It wont run.

First off Wc3 and TFT must be installed for it to run.
Turn off your Virus scanners. Best bet if this still does not work is a fresh install of XP. Vista has been reported to work with PR however the developers of the Loader Andy, Mike, and I Never intended it for Vista. The base code was created over three years ago and many changes in standard included libraries may have occurred. Hence no vista support will be provided.

3. I type "yes" and it just exits.

You have to type yes exactly how you see it on the screen. Same capitalization and everything.

4. What path should I use?

This is up to you. A common one would be
"C:Program FilesProject Revolution"
but it depends on your computer.


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